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A Monsoon Misadventure

Resident Stars of Saul Kere

Hoskote Lake Jewels

Jakkur Lake Sunrise: A Birding Blitz

Look Away First, You Lose!

Celebrating the Rains at Kannamangala Lake

Kochi Memories & Krishna's Magic

Birding Under a Cloudless Sky

Early Bird Magic at Hoskote Lake

Passerines: The New Cover Birds?

Birds of Saul Kere: A Dry Season Story

Unexpected Encounters at Hoskote Lake

Some Hidden Gems from Kannamangala

Glued to Saul Kere lake

Bird Stalker-ing at Hoskote

Exploring the Wonders of Saul Kere

Birding on the Fly

A misty Kannamangala

Dawn at Saul Kere

Hoskote Lake Pics

Intimate Day with Saul Kere Birds

Through My Lens: 2023 Highlights

A Refreshing Escape to Kannamangala lake

Saul searching for a Verditer

A Morning at Hoskote Lake

Avian Encounters at Saul Kere

Jigsaw Birding in Hoskote

Saul Kere Chronicles

Spooky Spectacle at Kannamangala

A Misty Morning at Saul Kere Lake

In the Company of Hoskote Birds

Chasing Feathers in Muthanallur

Exploring the Shrunken Shoreline of Hoskote Lake

Kannamangala Lake's Avian Anglers

Saul Kere Birds: Alive and Kicking

Our Weeklong Kochi Adventure

Bird Ballet at Saul Kere

A Morning of Birding Adventures

Nature's Colors in Hoskote

Nature's Harmonic Ensemble

Wings & Whimsy

Remarkable Encounters at Muthanallur

Chirpy Charms of Kannamangala

Winged Encounters At Hoskote

A Memorable Trip to Ooty and Coonoor

A Tapestry of Wonder

Unraveling the Stories Behind Hoysaleswara Sculptures

Mesmerizing sculptures of Halebidu

A fun road trip - Part 1

Nature's allure in Muthanallur

A poetic sojourn in Saul Kere

Birding with my other half

Avian encounters at Saul Kere lake

Jakkur lake trail

Hoskote lake this week

A Valentine's Day post from Kannamangala

Flower show and a camera ban

Boxed into a corner at Hoskote

The Saul Kere series

Recent haul from Saul Kere

A misty first day of 2023

2022 birdwatching round-up

Muthanallur mesmerizes again

A perplexing birdventure

Out in the rain

Bird sightings at Saul Kere

Trip to Muthanallur lake

A short trip to Kannamangala lake

Hoskote birding adventure

In search of a Strawberry Finch

My first trip to Kannamangala Lake

Young birds of Saul Kere

Fascinating bird behaviors

Bangalore Flower show 2022

A toast to the birds of Jakkur

Birding notes from Kaikondrahalli

Weekend walk at Hoskote

Birding in the rain

Last Sunday at Hoskote

Bagful of birds from Saul Kere

A trip to Kasavanahalli lake

Hoskote visit in April

Soirée at Saul Kere

Family Vacation at Kolli hills

Longer trip to Kaikondrahalli lake

A brief visit to Kasavanahalli

Birding after a 'break'

Fostering Plain Tigers

Hoskote birding trek

Last weekend at Saul Kere

Avian scene at Kaikondrahalli lake

Another birding trip to Hoskote

Repeat visits to Saul kere

Recent trip to Saul Kere

First day of 2022

Looking back at 2021

Few birds from Hoskote

Last weekend at Saul Kere

Birding at flooded Hoskote

Birding scene at Kasavanahalli

Trip to Saul Kere lake

Short trip to Hoskote

Migrant birds have arrived!

Waiting for the migrants

A staycation during rainy season

Trip to Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve

Brief visit to Kaikondrahalli

Birding with Rohan

Off-season visit to Hoskote

Yet another birding trip to Saul Kere

What a haul from Saul Kere

Pics from Hoskote & home

Lackluster mornings continue

Birds and other beautiful things

This week at Hoskote

Hoskote Happenings

A brief visit to Kasavanahalli

A refreshing birdwalk

A show of feathers

Birding after a rainy night

Beautiful but brutal

A short weekday birding

This week's avian beauties

Hoskote birding with few surprises

A short birding trip to Jaipurdoddi

And wait for the birds to fly by

A birding trip to Saul Kere

Unexpected delight!

Evening birding at Hoskote

Seeing birds after 7 months

Monarch and the chicks

Birding resumes after lockdown

Birding hiatus due to corona

Flamingos visit Hoskote

Bird sightings at Hoskote

Hoskote birds

Lalbagh flower show 2020

Jakkur lake revisited

Day One of 2020

Favorite photos from 2019

Saul Kere lake birding

More winter visitors arrive

Say hello to winter migrants

Fascinating Fort Kochi

Trip to Mattancherry

Kasavanahalli revisited

A quick catch up

Eensy-weensy beauties

A memorable birding day

Hunters of Hoskote

Nest builders and assorted birds

Bangalore to Horsley Hills

Hebbal lake visit

A bounty of beautiful things

Colors of summer

Yet another birding trip to Hoskote

Of birds, butterflies and broccoli

Birds of Kasavanahalli lake

A couple's vacation to Nandi hills

Mother's Day birding

Birds in our midst

Turahalli mini forest

Morning birding at Lalbagh

Bangalore Airshow - Aero India 2019

Birding at Hennagara lake

Birding at Nandi hills

Lalbagh flower show 2019

And birding continues...

Colours of nature - Gulakamale

Birding at Muthanallur

Saul kere - a treasure trove of birds

Valley school birding

Birds of Jaipurdoddi

A short birding trip to Hesaraghatta

Blissful birding at Hoskote

Wildlife safari at Bannerghatta

Avian life of Kaikondrahalli lake

Short birding trip to Valley school

Splash of colors from Hoskote

Winged wonders of Hoskote

Blackbucks and birds of Maidenahalli

Photo walk at Gulakamale

Birds are back at Kasavanahalli lake

Birds and blooms of Lalbagh

Munia mania at Hoskote

Flamingos at Pondichery

Jaipurdoddi forest visit

Trekking at Turahalli

Sunday at Hoskote

Birds and Bugs of Hosakere

Butterflies of Doresanipalya

Bird watching at Valley School

Rainy day birding trip to Malathahalli lake

Avian life of Hebbal

Kaikondrahalli lake visit

Nandi Hills trek

A morning at Hoskote

Birding at Madiwala lake

Photowalk at Hosakere

Hiking at Valley School

Exploring life at Hoskote

Visit to Hulimangala

Bangalore Flower Show 2018

Photo walk at Lalbagh

Winged beauties of Hebbal

Birding at Turahalli

Birding at Valley School

Birds of Anekal lake

The Den - Luxury hotel for globetrotters

Birds of Lalbagh

Birding at flooded Hoskote lake

Soulful birds of Saul Kere

Birds of Kasavanahalli lake

Trip to Kaikondrahalli lake

Mini Forest in Bangalore

Manchanabele Dam

Jakkur lake - full of life

Rainy day birding

Gems from the City of Pearls

Naturewalk at Hoskote lake

Lalbagh Flower Show 2017


My first trip to Hoskote lake

Trek to Nandi Hills

Of weather and feather

Jaunt to Jakkur lake

Photo walk at Hebbal lake

Morning walk at Jakkur lake

Morning walk at GKVK campus

Weekend trip to Yercaud

A bombed birding trip

More birds from Hesaraghatta

Birds at Hesaraghatta lake

Birds at Jakkur lake

Birds at Hebbal lake

Bangalore flower show 2017

Weekend at Wonder la Resort

Bangalore to Mangalore - A culinary adventure

Morning walk at Kanakkary

A fun morning at Cubbon park, Bangalore

Weekend trip to Bannerghatta National Park

A short weekend trip to Pondicherry

Lunch at La Tapenade, Bangalore International Airport

Weekend trip to Shivanasamudra and Talakad

Bangalore flower show 2015

Kerb-side eateries of Bangalore Airport

A walk in the green

Visit to the Four Seasons Winery in Baramati

The Nutmeg story


  1. Wow, I've just spent some time browsing through your site (just now the 'travel related' section) and I love it. Makes me want to visit India. I'll put myself as a follower.
    I would really like an answer regarding the camera you use. I'm thinking of buying a new one.
    Nathalie in France.

    1. Thank you Nathalie. I use many cameras. The current and most used one is Canon 6D.

  2. Outstanding artistic eye. I love the fact that you have found photogenic moments among the (seemingly) mundane places around Bangalore. Kudos. Im a followe!


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