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A memorable birding day

Everything about Hoskote lake is beautiful. Affording at least half a dozen kinds of birds on every visit makes this my most frequented birding hotspot. Here are some pics from my latest visit...

Pleasant sky in the morning...

Saw a cute little juvenile Pied Bushchat. It was quite active and was a delight to watch hopping around...

Baya Weaver female...

Plain Tiger butterfly....

Balloon Vine also known as Love in a Puff or Heartseed vine...

Upon drying, its seed pops out of the balloon...

Its seed has a heart shaped pattern. That explains its scientific name, Cardiospermum: Cardio meaning heart and spermum meaning seed...

Red Avadavat male in his breeding plumage...

It is also known as red munia or strawberry finch...

Red Avadavat female...

The beak of Red Avadavat begins to turn red in May and darkens during November and December. The beak then turns rapidly to black in April and the cycle continues...

Baya Weaver female...

Pied Bushchat female...

Pied Bushchat male...

A Bronze-winged Jacana was wading around with a very grave expression...

Gray-headed Swamphen...

Eurasian Moorhen...

Streaked Weaver Female...

 I hope you liked the post. Do let me know your feedback in the comments section below...


  1. So beautiful post. Awesome birds pic.

  2. Must be very satisfying to be able to capture each bird so clearly and beautifully! Did you take a photography course at some time? What I also like is that you show something of their habitat. Yes, the first bird, looks almost depressed (I don't know if birds have "moods" like people do...) The colors of the swamphen is a pleasant surprise in this bunch - so different! I have never seen the balloon vine - nature is beautiful and each with their own purpose! Many thanks for sharing this enlightening and wonderful trip with us at All Seasons! Have a fantastic week:)

    1. Many thanks for your insightful feedback. No, I've never taken any photography course. I click a lot of photos and experiment with various settings and in the process learn from my mistakes and successes.

  3. These are such beautiful birds!
    Your pics are fantastic!

  4. You have an eye for birds, their bright (and sometimes not-so-bright) colors, and the shadows they make.

  5. Hello, I always enjoy your bird photos, they are all gorgeous. What a great outing and post . Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  6. Such wonderful photos and such beautiful colours!

  7. Those are some exotic birds ...to me! The red one is surely gonna attract some mates.

  8. The clarity of your photos is astonishing. The birds seem alive as if at any moment they could fly away from the computer screen. The seed is fascinating, too, as are lines in the hand it is sitting on. They are as clear as the feathers in your bird pictures.

  9. I so did enjoy these....beautiful birds different to what I see. But these are wonderful shots.

  10. Several are similar to ours in America (but colors are different. For example our Munias are copper brown, etc.)

    Thanks for linking at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  11. I think I'm in love with the red avadavat! What a gorgeous bird.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/09/sleep-what-they-do-best.html

  12. Oh my, those photos are spectacular. Whatever camera you have must be great and you have a good eye for photography. That vine grows in a park where I walk, but never knew the name or that it had seeds. :)

  13. So many pretty birds and other creatures! The red avadavat male is absolutely gorgeous!

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  15. What awesome birds, so colorful! That red one is just fascinating, thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for joining us on 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World

  16. I always learn something new from your posts! Wonderful photography.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week, 30/9/19 the optional prompt is Spring Stories. Hope you can join in too. Denyse.

  17. I love seeing your beautiful birds. We are going birding today with our naturalist group. We shall not see any of these, however. Just seabirds.

  18. These birds are beautiful and unusual - I have never seen The Eurasian Moorhen and the red avadat - Thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  19. Birds can be so hard to capture! You did a great job with these shots!

    With Love,

  20. So captivating these pictures are, Shiju! Once again, I'm amazed at the pictures and the clarity of the birds in every shot. Excellent post! Happy Wednesday and a lovely week ahead to you.


  21. Shiju,

    Amazing job. I love the strawberry finch!! That little guy is as vibrant as a Cardinal which I'm always tickled to see one of those in our backyard. We get quite a few of them in the early spring. They love the thick brush and trees. Although I have not spotted any nests, I'm fairly certain they've made a home there somewhere. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with Wild Wednesdays, my dear. Have a good week!

  22. absolut lovely 😍 All you pictures are beautiful!
    Happy WW 😊

  23. The male Avadavat is quite striking with its brilliant red. Thanks for linking up today.

  24. Wow, you are great at photgraphing birds. Great job!

  25. Your little birds are so cute <3 I wonder if the bright red of strawberry finch makes the bird too visible for predators? It was interesting to read about your balloon vine. In Finland we can cultivate a perennial (not a shrub) called Physalis alkekengi. The seedheads are quite similar.

  26. Have to show your pictures to my mother in law! Your pictures never cease to amaze me and she is going to love seeing that strawberry finch!

  27. These photos are stunning. Mother Nature is pretty amazing, and you captured her beauties perfectly. I found your post on the Bloggers Pit Stop. I'm so glad I did.

  28. Yay for all the little birds in your life and mine! You capture their essence and personalities so well, many of these birds I am unfamiliar with. You must be a very patient photographer as these photos are absolutely stunning!
    Wren x

  29. Hello, gorgeous series of photos. The birds are all beautiful. The Strawberry finch is a lovely bird. I like the cute plant "Love in a puff". Thanks for linking up and sharing your post! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the comment!

  30. The sead is realyy special :).
    Lovely collection of precious moments :).

  31. So many marvelous photos of birds I've never seen before!
    The red one... <3

  32. Thank you for showing us more of the wonderful creation and artistry of birds that you capture so well. They bring joy and beauty to our hearts and lives. We will feature these treasures in the next Blogger's Pit Stop.

  33. Shiju,

    Your shots are incredible like always. Floored!

    Thank you for linking up with Esha and me for #WW.

    See you this week too:


  34. Those are some beautiful shots! Thanks for linking up with us at Encouraging Hearts & Home.

  35. Your wildlife pictures are incredible. I'm a beginner photographer and birdwatcher, so I'm mesmerized. Feel free to linkup on my Sunday's Best blog hop. Starts every Saturday night at 8:00 pm EST.

  36. Loved looking through all your bird photos - just gorgeous!

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