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Guess this is Peridae

The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.
-Richard Bach

Busy bee collecting nector

I am torn apart!

Extremely restless butterfly

I could not identify this butterfly even after a lot of googling and wikiing. I had a very tough time taking this picture as this butterfly will not perch for more than 2 seconds.

Update: The butterfly is called Blue Bottle Butterfly . Thank you Harsha for the help in identifying.

Nishu and manju

Chui Mui - Touch me and I'll sleep

Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant)

Neatly combed hair!

Common Myna, Acridotheres tristis

Rain drops on the window pane

It is raining cats and dogs today. I shot this using the sequence mode in my camera phone.

Dark Cerulean (Jamides bochus) - Lycaenidae family

This butterfly is called Dark Cerulean (Jamides bochus) and belongs to the Lycaenidae family.
Great! How did I figure that out?
Step 1: I searched wikipedia for The List of Butterflies of Karnataka
Step 2: Clicked on the links of the five main families one-by-one and reached Lycaenidae
Step 3: In the Gallery section found a picture resembling the picture I clicked. Got to know that its binomial name is Jamides bochus.
Step 4: I Searched wikipedia for Jamides bochus and finally got the details about this Dark Cerulean butterfy.

I wish google had a search feature where I could input the picture that I clicked and get the butterfly details with a single click.

Tiny mushrooms having a party!

Awesome Threesome

Flower with light bulb?

Cups are full to the brim


We are united

The rain dance

Waiting in queue to bloom!


Would have loved if the water inside had orange flavor ;-)

Monsoon and Mushroom

For Thursday Challenge theme - GROWING (Animals, Plants, Children, Enlarging, Maturing, Getting Taller,...)

Umbrella for bugs!

Bouquet within a flower