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Kasavanahalli revisited

I couldn't go out for birding in the last 15 days due to rain and a week long travel down south. Today I revisited Kasavanahalli lake after a gap of  five months. Some interesting pictorial observations from the trip...

The morning sky was spectacular...

A juvenile Gray-headed Swamphen...

It took off with a splash...

Its beautiful flight...

A cute little leaf...

Got some really nice reflection shots of a Eurasian Coot...

It got something to eat...

Caught a Spot-billed pelican in flight...

A Gray heron...

A Great Egret was seen surrounded by waterlily blooms...

Also seen were Indian Pond herons waiting patiently for fish to pass by...

A Great Cormorant was also on the prowl...

I decided to test my patience and wait to observe their fishing action. The Great egret sharpened its focus...

There was an excited flutter from the Indian Pond heron...

Yay, a fish was caught...

The bite didn't look proper, the fish could escape...

To close the escape route, it climbed on a lily pad...

The fish was wriggling...

The fish slipped out but fell on the lily pad...

The fish was caught again. This time the heron made sure to bite it properly...

Look at the joy...

A White-throated Kingfisher was watching all this drama with disbelief...

Dingy Bushbrown or Common Bushbrown butterfly...

 When my patience was almost exhausted, the great egret caught a fish...

Not much drama here, it was a clean strike...

And a clean swallow like a seasoned glutton...

I concluded the trip on that happy note. Hope you liked the post. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below...


  1. Wow. Wow. And MORE wow!! Incredible, each an every photo. (And the color of the water lilies is marvelous I should add.) My favorite just has to be the profile of the swamphen. AND the kingfisher,

    Thanks as always for taking time to comment & leaving a link sharing with us.

  2. Incredible as always. I watched a bird (a heron, maybe) eat a carp almost bigger than its mouth. The way their throats expand is amazing.

  3. Fabulous photos of some amazing nature. Well done #lifethisweek

  4. wow, that is some pretty nice shots. Love all the birds and the waterlilies. Such a great combination :)

  5. Both the birds and your pictures of them are terrific.

  6. Thanks for a great collection of birding photos...and I love the bright water lilies too!

  7. Fabulous shots, every one of them! I particularly liked the action shots of the birds catching their prey.

  8. Marvelous captures and interesting captions!

  9. Thank yo so much for sharing your fabulous photos and such interesting shots of the birds. I took a walk near the Everglades the other cloudy day after a rain and only saw a few Egrits.

  10. Just wow on the raindrops as the bird flew away.

  11. It looks like paradise here! You have the gift of capturing moments in these birds' lives. The moment they take off, and drops of water follow them, in full flight, or looking underneath the water surface, most of all, I love the birds in between the waterlilies. These lily pads are so big and love their edges. It's a treat for All Seasons to see your experiences. Enjoy the rest of a lovely and beautiful week!

  12. Such beautiful photos and birds! I often see beauty more clearly when I'm trying to find it with my camera. Thanks for sharing your finds with us.

  13. You certainly made up for lost time! What a gorgeous series of creatures!

    Your post on 'My Corner of the World' is great to see this week!

    My Corner of the World

  14. It was a fabulous journey through your pictures
    Welfare unto all
    Rab rakha 🤗 🤗 🤗

  15. amazing 😍 Great pics! 👍
    happy WW!

  16. Wow! Beautiful. Awesome! I enjoyed your photos very much. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Your photography is incredible! I always enjoy admiring your bird photos.

  18. It sure looks like a wonderful day and I can see why anyone can get those lovely photos. Enjoyed all of them.
    Coffee is on

  19. such great bird pictures; wonderful variety too!


  20. Oh I imagine you longed to get back to this place and see the world via your lens again after an absence! Great images..so mindful to be taking photos too. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is 45/51 Share Your Snaps #9 11/11/19...the second LAST for 2019 (where did that year go!) Hope to see you there. Denyse.

  21. A picture perfect day for birding and photography. These shots are so clear and crisp. Excellent detail as well. Thanks for linking up today.

  22. Shiju, as always your nature photo-essay is fascinating like all the others you post.

    I totally love swinging by and watch the magic unfold.

    Thank you for taking us through this lovely journey. Would love to have you link up with us on #WordlessWednesday. Esha is on a break but my linky is live here, till Monday. So hop in whenever you can:


  23. What a wonderful photo tour of your birding experience - I enjoyed a lot this time too. Thank you for linking, wishing a lovely weekend.

  24. You are an excellent photographer! What wonderful action shots! You chose the perfect cover shot for the link up - the white egret in amongst the vivid pink water lilies. I enjoyed this post very much!

  25. cool looking birds...I have never seen(or even heard!!) of some of these...I especially like the Swamphen.

  26. Shuji, these are stunning portraits of your beautiful birds. Especially thebsequence with the heron catching and eating its dinner, climbing on the lily pad to block the fish from escaping...that whole series is incredible! Each beautiful picture and the story they tell when put together ...amazing!

  27. Hello, I would be happy to be able to go out birding or anywhere after 15 days of rain. Your birds are just awesome, I especially love the Indian Pond Herons. Great post and beautiful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the visit and comment.

  28. You always share birds that we would only dream of ever seeing! Just beautiful! I love the Indian Pond Herons too. Happy weekend!

  29. Really like your photo tour! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Your photos are so beautiful and I like the colorful umbrellas which would suit me very well in my rainy and grey country !

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