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Birds at Hesaraghatta lake

My quest for birds took me to Hesaraghatta lake, last Sunday morning. 
Here's a photo tour...

I reached Hesaraghatta lake at sunrise...

Oriental White Eye were the first birds I saw. They have such attractive eyes...

Hesaraghatta lake is a man made reservoir created in the year 1894. The lake started drying up since 1925. The 1000 acres lake bed has turned into a grassland which is home to a wide variety of beautiful birds...

The little Oriental Skylarks were busy in the grassland... 

I sat on the ground to merge with the little skylark's perspective...

Their perspective was really fascinating with sparkling sunlight that turns the dew drops on grass into jewels...

The bay-backed shrike has a characteristic upright "shrike" attitude perched on a bush, from which it sallies after lizards, large insects, small birds and rodents. Prey may be impaled upon a sharp point, such as a thorn. Thus secured they can be ripped with the strong hooked bill...

Most of the trees had thorns that aid the little birds in impaling their prey...

The Black Drongo is aggressive towards much larger birds of prey that invades its territory. Smaller birds often nest in the well-guarded vicinity of a nesting black drongo...

Here's one more shot of the Black Drongo...

Spotted Dove...

Pied bush chat was loaded with nest making materials...

Here's one more shot of the Pied bush chat...

Weaver birds' nest, didn't see the occupant, though...

Rufous-backed shrike...

The blue-tailed bee-eater is strongly migratory, seen seasonally in much of peninsular India...

The blue-tailed bee-eater predominantly eats insects, especially bees, wasps and hornets, which are caught in the air by sorties from an open perch...

 Here's one more shot of the blue-tailed bee-eater...

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  1. Gorgeous captures and interesting narration.

  2. So many beautiful birds! I love the photo of the one with the nesting material. Also, that is such an unusual nest. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I am not seeing a link back to the party. :(

  3. Beautifully clicked and Written Post !

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love that black drongo and the bee eater!

  5. Le nid est magnifique ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  6. Those are all impressive birds -- interesting about the thorns ... and that weaver bird's nest wow! I like the white-eye and all the birds you show very much, and the bee eater is incredible.

  7. Some beautiful photos here! A couple of my favs are the water droplets and the blue-tailed bee eater.

  8. The bird images are stunning, but especially love the moody light in the scenic views.

  9. The birds are lovely but I love the pic with the grass with the dew drops on it. Striking!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Lisa

  10. Fabuous images of the Bee eater and I love the morning light and sunrise in your shots. Have a good week ahead.

  11. Hello, beautiful birds and landscapes. Awesome series of photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. These are wonderful pictures.

  13. Marvelous...oh, those white-eye at the beginning. Such a wonderful marking. And the tail on the drongo is extraordinary! That nest is a marvel. You have some terrific images this week...ALL of them.

    Thanks so much for adding your link, sharing with all of us other birders around the world!!

    Have a great week ahead--
    Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

  14. Thanks for the close up shots of these birds in your country. I really like the Weaver Birds' nest. The blue-tailed bee-eater photos are also wonderful.

  15. Wow, those are very beautiful shots, and the landscapes are so lovely too. A few shots remind me of my last weekend 3-day trip, that sunset long shot, the thorns and the birds. We saw lots of birds too, but i don't have a birding lens, only for the sunset.

  16. Fantastic shots - love them all!

  17. The Blogger's Pit Stop crew are going to feature this post on Friday. Congratulations.

    The Blogger's Pit Stop - home of quality posts.

  18. beautiful birds and shots!

  19. such an incredible series of photos as always..

  20. Absolutely phenomenal pictures!! I like colorful birds the best so, of course, the blue-tailed bee-eater is my favorite. How is it they don't get stung when dining on bees?

  21. Amazing bird shots and also love your landscapes. Such a beautiful area, and sounds like an amazing birding place.

  22. Hello again, thank you for leaving the link. The blue-tailed Bee-eater is a stunningly beautiful bird. All your bird captures are lovely, and I would like to follow your blog.

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