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Of birds, butterflies and broccoli

Sunday morning birding trip to Hoskote lake was most enjoyable. Wife joined me and we got back home with photos and lots of fresh broccoli and zucchini from the farms. Here's a photo tour...

A Painted Stork was on a fishing expedition. We watched its many tries with fingers crossed...

It was a tale of patience and perseverance...

And the fish was caught...

The final gulp and joy on its face...

It flew away after the meal...

Spotted dove...

Indian Robin...

Zitting Cisticola...

Green bee-eater...

Pied bushchat...

Plain tiger butterfly...

There are many vegetable farms around Hoskote lake. We spent some time with the farm workers who offered us their fresh produce of broccoli and zucchini... 

Joy of being around freshness...

There is the moringa oleifera tree...

A bunch of moringa leaves...

Everybody seemed to hit the jackpot...

Paddyfield pipit...

Purple sunbird...


Pied Kingfisher hovering for a kill... 

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  1. I like how you got excellent photos of the painted stork catching the fish. Quite detailed photos.

  2. Amazing bird pics. Beautiful post.

  3. Fabulous pictures! It looked like a great outing for both you and Manju. She .seems to grow more beautiful every single day.

  4. Fantastic photos! You must be a very patient photographer to capture these birds! #lifethisweek

  5. Your wife is as lovely as the birds, and the vegetables look terrific. The sequence with the stork is very well done.

  6. Stunning photos and how wonderful to see fascinating birdlife from other continents. This is the second time this morning that I've been educated about beautiful birds first from the USA and now India - thank you so much

  7. Marvelous photos.... but yours ALWAYS are!
    Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/06/classical-art.html

  8. Hello, beautiful photos and birds. The stork series is awesome! The fresh broccoli look wonderful. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week ahead!

  9. The painted stork is quite beautiful. Your waiting of you, as well of the stork is worth it, eh? Love the capture with the fish in its beak! Love the subtle coloring of the feathers of the bee eater:) Great pose of the king fisher. Love the moment you captured both ladies painting! Fun to pick your own broccoli and zucchini. Your wife is so graceful, she must be an easy subject for you to capture her with the camera:)
    Many thanks for sharing this photo trip with All Seasons!

  10. Great pics of the stork hunting. From what I have seen, they have to work hard for their food.

  11. So many stunning photographs and I love the level of detail you've captured.

  12. Your pictures are amazing, as always! Hubby brought some broccoli from his garden toda, too!

    My Corner of the World

    1. 'My Corner of the World' wouldn't be the same without you this week!

  13. As always a superb set of photos. Well done Diane

  14. Gorgeous pictures! I always love your beautiful posts.

  15. Absolutely amazing pictures, Shiju. They look like real birds sitting before you. So real!!

  16. Beautiful, detailed captures - I could almost count the feathers on some of these.

  17. Wow' you are so lucky to see the beauty of this world

  18. So much feasting of the eyes here. I loved 'the fishing' one. What a capture!! The two ladies pointing is very good too.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week we are HALF-way in our #ltw prompts for 2019 and this one is Share Your Snaps. Hope to see you there! Denyse.

  19. beautiful photos!

  20. Amazing shots of that fishing bird. So beautiful everything <3

  21. lots of beautiful photos...love the pretty green bee-eater...

  22. Gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for sharing your talent on Farm Fresh Tuesdays!

  23. I was glad to see the stork catch the fish. There is nothing like fresh produce. Looks like your wife found the best. Thank you for visiting and linking up.

  24. Wonderful photos <3. Nature offers us great joy - so we have a choice what to offer nature back :).
    When you mirror the beauty and miracle of nature, you give back joy.
    Hugs :)

  25. Your action shots with the fish are just amazing. I think gardeners just love to share produce, love that your wife got right in there with the curved knife!

  26. Just awesome. Love those photos of birds, butterflies, and even the broccoli

  27. Hello, I love the Painted Stork series. wonderful birds and photos. Your wife has a lovely smile, she is beautiful.
    Thank so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for the comment on my blog.

  28. This is a wonderful reportage about this many great birds and landscape.
    You are a great photographer and the pictures show a great knowledge.
    I am very enthusiastic and send greetings from far away Germany!
    Warm regards

  29. Such an array of birds! Beautiful.

  30. Beautiful pics of the birds and people. The stork pics are so pretty.

  31. Thanks so much, as always, for taking part in I'd Rather B Birdin

  32. GREAT photos - especially the closeup of the stork and the fish! WOW!

    Visiting from Sharon's Souvenirs

  33. Hello Shiju,

    Such wonderful moments captured in time. Love the Painted stork sequence so much, especially that look of glee once it had gulped it's meal.

    That looks like a fun jaunt, with abundant fresh food produce to boot.

    Here is our linky for this week:

    Would love to see another fascinating post from you. Thank you.

  34. Hello Shiju
    I see really fantastic birds passing by here.
    Really a wealth of birds. Very beautiful with the flower photos in between. This also seemed like a beautiful area where you were and I enjoy this beautiful display of flowers and beautiful birds.
    Greetings, Helma

  35. So many birds! I love the bird with the open beak. What a rebel yell! And the many photos with a soft, flowery backdrop.


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