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A poetic sojourn in Saul Kere

This week, I attempt to narrate my bird sightings at Saul Kere lake in poetic form...

In the early hours of the day,
As the sun starts to break the gray,

Painted Storks skim the water, with skill,
Their eyes locked on the fish, they will soon fulfill,

By the peaceful waters, they all stand,
Herons, storks, stilts, and ducks so grand,

Each with their own unique style,
Fishing in tandem, all the while.


In the calm waters, so serene,
The stilts and an egret, a stunning scene,

Preening their feathers, in the morning light,
Posing for a photo, a sight so bright.

The Painted storks, with their long legs so high,
Stalk the shallows, with an eagle's eye,

In search of fish, or anything else,
To satisfy their hunger, so intense.

The Spot-billed pelicans seems at home,
Graceful and serene they roam,

Gliding through the water with ease,
As they search for their next catch to seize.



A bunch of painted storks in pursuit of meal,
Dipping their beaks in water, it's a sight surreal,

With bright pink feathers and long, thin legs,
They wade through the water, like graceful pegs.


As they dip and sway, in search of their meal,
Their beauty and grace, make our hearts feel,

The wonders of nature, and its many charms,
A world so vast, with creatures in their arms.


In shallow water, there dabbles a bird,
With feathers bright, its colors blurred,

A Garganey, with grace and charm,
Its beauty never ceases to disarm.

With its small size and dainty bill,
It dips and dabbles with an easy skill,

Feeding on insects and tiny prey,
In the shallow water, it spends its day.


The male’s feathers are a sight to see,
A pattern bold, with colors free,

Black, brown, and white, all combined,
In a breathtaking design, so refined.

And during the breeding season,
The males put on quite the exhibition,

Raising their wings and bobbing their head,
In an elaborate dance, to win a mate to wed.

A great cormorant in a commotion,
Teaches the young ones the tricks to fish,

In the water they dive with devotion,
With a skill that's honed, they'll get their wish.

The elder cormorant leads the way,
Instructing the young on how to dive and sway,

With wings that spread out wide and strong,
They glide through the water, as if they belong.


With a flick of their head, they seek out their prey,
A fish in the water, not so far away,

They dive down deep, to catch their fill,
A skill that takes practice, but they have the will.

And so the young ones learn from the old,
A craft that's been passed on, and never grows cold,

With each passing day, they'll grow and thrive,
A true testament, to the circle of life.

So watch the great cormorant, in its commotion,
A sight that's wondrous, with such devotion,

A teacher and guide, to the young at heart,
A beautiful dance, that's been there from the start.

With wings that span so wide and strong,
The pelican glides through the air,

In a flock of storks, they belong,
Sharing their knowledge, without a care.

So watch the pelican and storks,
In their teaming, in their talks,

A wonder of nature, like a dream,
A sight that's more than it seems.

Suddenly a kingfisher dives,
Into the water, he thrives,

A fish in his beak he retrieves,
With strength and power, he strives.

He thrashes it about,
Without mercy or doubt,

Until the fish is devout,
And the kingfisher's hunger is out.

Nature can be tough,
But it's necessary stuff,

For survival is rough,
And the kingfisher must be tough.

So let us watch and admire,
The kingfisher's skill and desire,

For he is the forest's squire,
A hunter without tire.

A skulking purple heron,
In the shallow water, he waits and watches on,

His eyes scan the surface, patient and strong,
For an unwary prey, to come along.

High up in the trees,
A colony of weaver ants, busy as bees,

They scurry and crawl, with ease,
Sucking fruit juices, in a team, like a breeze.

Their tiny bodies, moving in unison,
A well-coordinated effort, never undone,

They work with precision, until the task is won,
Each ant, a part of a larger mission.

The fruit, they drain of its sweet nectar,
A bounty, that they will protect her,

With their sharp jaws, they dissect her,
And the juice, they share, like a sector.

Their teamwork, a wonder to behold,
A system, that's intricate and bold,

For every ant, plays a role, we're told,
And together, they work, with a goal.

So let us marvel, at these weaver ants,
Their teamwork, a lesson, we can enhance,

For in unity, lies a great chance,
To achieve greatness, and to advance.

With his red cheeks, and his crest of black,
He flies with grace, never out of whack,

His chirping call, a cheerful knack,
A sight, that never leaves us slack.

From tree to tree, he jumps and glides,
A dance, that nature does provide,

A show, that leaves us mesmerized,
With the flying Red-whiskered Bulbul, by our side.

On the still and tranquil waters clear,
A creature of beauty does appear,

A bird of grace, with beauty rare,
The Pheasant-tailed Jacana is found there.


With wings of brown and yellow hue,
And a slender beak, oh so true,

It glides on water, like a leaf so light,
A wonder to see, such a sight!


A long, slender tail, like a pheasant's feather,
A crown of gold, like a monarch's treasure,

A beady eye, so bright and keen,
This bird is like a living dream.


Its feet, oh how they are so strange,
Like long, thin fingers, arranged in range,

With webs between, for gliding on water,
This bird is built for a life of wonder.


In the beauty of nature's peace,
The Pheasant-tailed Jacana finds release,

A bird of grace, a sight to behold,
A wonder to see, so rare and bold.


The Tabebuia Rosea, a wondrous sight,
With bold flowers, a stunning delight,

Bangalore speaks of its beauty with might,
A timeless spectacle, always in sight.

Its flowers, a vibrant shade of pink,
A closer look, reveals petals in sync,

A beauty, that's hard to blink,
A sight, that makes us stop and think.

Up close, its stamen, a golden hue,
A perfect contrast, against pink so true,

A beauty, that's natural, and not anew,
A sight, that makes us feel brand new.

The streets of Bangalore, a canvas so pure,
The Tabebuia rosea, its beauty, so sure,

A sight, that makes our hearts lure,
A reminder, that nature's beauty, forever endures.

A female Asian Koel, perched high on a tree,
Sits alone and waits patiently,

For a male to come and woo her, you see,
With his melodious song, so free.

She is a beauty, with her dark plumage,
A vision, that never loses its gauge,

But her heart, she's waiting to engage,
For a mate, she's willing to amaze.


A bird with a bill, so blue and yellow,
A sight that's rare, like a precious fellow,

With colors, that are bright and mellow,
A beauty, that makes our hearts bellow.

Chestnut-tailed Starling, a beauty so rare,
A bird with feathers, beyond compare,

With a chestnut tail, and a gleaming hair,
A sight, that takes away all despair.

The Indian Golden Oriole, with its disheveled yellow feathers,
A sight, that's unique, like no other birds in weathers,

With a beauty, that's rare, and truly one-of-a-kind,
A bird, that fills our hearts, with awe and wonder in mind.

Its feathers, a hue of yellow, so bright and bold,
A beauty, that's beyond, any story told,

Its color, a symbol, of nature's own gold,
A bird, that we cannot help, but behold.

The Black Drongo, with its forky tail, sat in a colorful scene,
A persona, that's lean and mean,

With a plumage, so black, and a tail, so distinct,
A bird that fills our hearts, with wonder and instinct.

Cormorants fly in the sky, with wings spread wide,
A sight, that's majestic, like a moment to abide,

With a grace, so elegant, and a beauty, so pure,
A bird, that fills our hearts, with awe and allure.

In formation, they fly, like a synchronized dance,
A sight, that's harmonious, like a symphony's trance,

With wings, that beat, to a rhythm so perfect,
A beauty, that's beyond, any human effect.

The Ashy Woodswallow, a bird so small and shy,
Sat hidden on a lamppost, barely catching the eye,

A sight, that's rare, and a beauty, so sly,
A bird, that fills our hearts, with wonder and awry.

Its feathers, an ashy gray, so soft and light,
A beauty, that's subtle, like a star in the night,

Its eyes, so bright, and its gaze, so tight,
A bird, that we cannot help, but delight.

Sitting on a lamppost, it looked so calm and still,
A sight, that's mesmerizing, like a moment to fulfill,

With a beauty, that's hidden, like a treasure to unveil,
A bird, that's a wonder, like a precious fairy tale.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. You have provided a remarkably poetic experience here. Thank you

  2. Loved the series of photos, Amazing

  3. Shiju, I loved your new style of narration. Quite a poetic rendition this. The pictures as always enchanted.

    But what took away from the experience of reading were the multiple ads that trailed between the pretty poetic lines and the awe-inspiring images.
    I hope you can do something to cull them out a bit, to make for a cleaner reading experience. Just my thoughts, as I'm a big fan of Craniumbolts. :)

    Here are some spring vignettes from my neck of woods:

    1. Natasha, thank you for the feedback about the in-page ads. I have tweaked the settings to exclude the same.

  4. What a great series of photos, the poetic storytelling style is also very beautiful.
    The painted storks are really beautiful.
    The purple heron is also a really beautiful species and well photographed.
    Greetings Irma

  5. Applause for this beautifully illustrated book of poetry. I couldn't do it but great job.

  6. Great pictures as always, but if you want my honest opinion stick with prose!

  7. Very nicely done, Shiju, and what a treat to discover your wonderful images married to poetry within poetry, including picturesque lines such as these "… painted storks in pursuit of meal, Dipping their beaks in water, it's a sight surreal, … "

  8. Very nicely done, Shiju, and what a treat to discover your wonderful images married to poetry within poetry, including picturesque lines such as these "… painted storks in pursuit of meal, Dipping their beaks in water, it's a sight surreal, … "

    PS: My apologies for being Anonymous the first time. :)

  9. Wonderful photos, and I love your poetic descriptions.

  10. Fantastic sir. Hoskote and Saul lake are in my hotlist now. Ashy woodswallows are relatively bold birds. Perhaps they are scared of urban life :-). I should be here at least to view the Garganey and Pheasant Tailed Jacana

  11. Finding peace in nature. Beautiful!

  12. Posting Peter Berggren's comment.
    Hi Shiju-

    Beautiful post this week. You are both a photographer and a poet! Wanted to let you know that I am unable to leave a comment. I’m not having trouble with any other posts, only yours. When I finally reach the very bottom of your post, my computer freezes up. I’ve tried multiple times. It may have something to do with the length of your post, the large number of photos, and the limited memory and processing power of my computer! Whatever it is, just wanted to let you know. Have you ever considered making shorter posts? I know it’s hard… my posts are usually long as well. Keep up the great work-



  13. Lots of beautiful captures.

  14. Beautiful words and photos. I like those pink tail feathers. Thank you for linking up.

  15. wonderful post and images.

  16. Your words capture the images exquisitely

  17. Wonderful poetry to accompany some truly fantastic birds.

  18. Hello :=) You must have had fun making this post, but it was so enjoyable both in words and images. The Painted Storks and the Pheasant-tailed Jacana stood out for me, and the action shots of the Cormorants.
    All the best.

  19. Hello,
    Beautiful poem and the photos are always a delight. My favorites are the Painted Storks and the Pheasant tailed Jacana. I also love the Pelicans and the Garganey ducks. They are all lovely birds. Great post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  20. You mentioned the city of Banaglore where you do your birding, and showed one distant photo. For those of us very far from you, it would be fascinating to see a post with a little more about the city, and maybe about garden birds or city birds, which we have in American cities. And thank you for removing the irritating ads!

    best…mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  21. An interesting post full of beautiful critters. The Painted Storks are amazing.

  22. You are so talented in so many ways. You really should have this printed with your photos as illustrations. It's beautiful and I enjoyed it tremendously!

  23. The pink flowers, here in Trinidad and Tobago, we call that flowering tree - The Pink Poui.
    Bravo for the poetry

    Happy Sunday


  24. Beautiful photos! The birds in your area is very different from birds here. I love the Tabebuia rosea tree. It's very pretty!

  25. Your writing skills are so fine!! Well done.
    Of course the great array of birds seen is always a treasure when I visit.
    Have a great week birding and thank you for taking time to share your blog with us at IRBB.

  26. Hari OM
    Interesting narrative - even better photographs! Loved that you, too, had the Koel featured this week. YAM xx

  27. ...Shiju, beautiful images and words! Enjoy a wonderful week.

  28. Your words and photos are beautiful. Well done, Shiju and have a fanastic week.

  29. Wow! ~ Awesome and beautiful ~ both your words and photos ~ would make a lovely book ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. The poetry and the photographs are both very nice. I didn't know about the painted storks. Beautiful snaps.

  31. I was so busy sharing this post on social media that I never commented, so I just returned to comment. Your poetry really made this post pop (along with the usual quality of your photos) and I, especially, enjoyed the painted storks.

  32. Your series of photos and words are a solid wow!
    I especially love the Painted Storks.

  33. Fabulous bird photos. Very clever verse too. The Koel and drongo visit us in summer. The Koel has a monotonous call that wakes us early. The painted Storks are beautiful.

  34. Beautiful photos and great writing. I love the poetry.

  35. beautiful words and wonderful birds....
    excellent job

  36. Such amazing photographs, your ability to capture nature so perfectly is a toned skill. And now we see you can write poetry too. How, wonderful! It would be heard to pick a favourite but the pheasant tailed Jacana is a sight indeed. I especially liked the photo of it gliding along the water. You must have so much patience.

  37. Great poem. You write very well. Beautiful birds.

  38. Oh my! What marvelous photos - this entire post is a wonder to behold!
    Thank you for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2023/03/gods-glory-all-around-us.html

  39. What a great post loads of nice captures and very informative :-)

    Have a birdtastic week 👍

  40. Beautiful photos! Enjoyed the accompanying poetry too.

  41. You are way too talented for one human being ! Loved the pictures as always and the rhymes are lovely. My favorite pictures are the ones with different species getting along together -- and your poetry mentions that also. In addition I really love the painted storks and don't remember seeing those before ... they are so special. Well all your pictures and all your words are!

  42. lovely poem to describe nature... wonderful.

  43. Such beautiful photos and words! Very clever! I don't think I have ever seen painted storks before - they're beautiful. And the Kingfisher is always a favourite of mine. The one you photographed has such an intense blue colouring. Beautiful!

  44. Loved it. So fun to read and see the photos.

  45. What fun you had, adding poetic words to your magnificent photos. How fortunate you are to live in such a wonderland. Thank you for sharing this world with us.

  46. I have seen one painted stork on my journeys. Would not mind see some more. :) Great shots as usual.

  47. magnificent images, you are a great photographer, you have the spirit of an artist! Congratulations!
    A great honor and that you published the photos in the magazine! Congratulations!

  48. You created such a lovely poem to go with your beautiful photos.

  49. Such lovely photos, well done on your success!

  50. Amazing photos! Congratulations - well deserved!

  51. You are adding poet to you resume. We know you are a wonderful photographer and now poet...Michelle

  52. A very beautiful and creative way to share your images and emotions...lovely!! As always, I am grateful that you shared your post for Wednesday’s Words and Pics. See you again next week, when no more daylight saving in Australia for 6 months, means Eastern States will be all on same time! Denyse.

  53. Words and pictures in perfect harmony! As for the painted storks, I had no idea such beautiful birds existed.

  54. Stunning snapshots and such beautiful accompanying words. Thanks for sharing and linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.

  55. Oh my goodness such stunning and beautiful captures, they are incredible in their own habitat, and these views of nature so delightful to see, thank you.

  56. What a great combination of pictures and words. No matter how how we try, I not sure we can ever really trap the essence of what it means to be a bird. cheers Stewart M - Melbourne

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  58. Wow dear Arun,
    you have a lot of talents! Your photos are great as always - the cormorant series particularly stunning - and you're a good storyteller. Now you also write artistic poetry about your experiences - what will come next?!?!
    All the best from Austria 🐥
    Traude 😘

    1. Dear Traude,
      Thank you for the beautiful comment, but I think you may have accidentally referred to me by the wrong name. My name is Shiju.

  59. It is a pleasure to get lost in your world

  60. Wow, you were very lucky to be able to make these gorgeous photos and catch such special poses.

  61. Lots of photos … yes, but a joy scrolling through them! Thank you for sharing. Lots of excellent shots!


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