Saul kere - a treasure trove of birds

With a good variety of native birds and the arrival of winter migratory birds, Saul kere lake in Bangalore has turned into a treasure trove of interesting birds. Here are some beautiful gems from my recent visit...

Common greenshank is a subarctic bird, breeding from northern Scotland eastwards across northern Europe and Asia. It is currently wintering in this lake in Bangalore...

Black-naped oriole can be called the crown jewel of this treasure trove. This is a winter visitor from eastern Asia...

Black-winged stilt...

Intermediate Egret...

Red-whiskered bulbul...

Green bee-eater...

Jungle myna...

Little ringed-plover is a winter visitor from Eurasia and northwestern Africa...

Red-vented bulbul...

Ashy prinia...

White-cheeked barbet...

Spotted dove...

 White-throated kingfisher...

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  1. So many beautiful birds and what wonderful captures!

  2. Great collection of birds shot . Please tell something about my capture on my blog.

  3. Beautiful photos of amazing birds! I particularly like the Egret, he looks full of character, and the Green Bee-eaters are out of this world. #MixItUp

  4. How do you find so many beautiful birds? You must really work at it! Great shots and I love the yellow birds!

  5. Love the yellow one, but all are so fun to watch. We hardly have any rare ones around us because not much woodlands close by. Thanks for sharing these beautiful ones of nature.

  6. Wow what beautiful birds and what great photos. Love the Green shank and the reflection, and I know bulbuls well having lived in Africa for many years but nothing as lovely at the Red-whiskered bulbul. Not a bird here that I would not love to see, beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. Hope you have a good remainder to the week Diane

  7. The Kingfisher is absolutely my favourite. Great captures!

  8. Those Green Bee Eaters always fasanate me! The one in flight is a beautiful shot!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Lisa

  9. Oh my goodness these photos are amazing!! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek .Next week's optional prompt is....wait for it...Christmas! 2nd last one for 2018. Denyse

  10. Fantastic captures again! Happy WednesdayAroundTheWorld

  11. These are wonderful pictures and you really know your birds don't you. Looks like they just came out of a magazine. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Hi!!
    The Red-whiskered bulbul is so cute ;). I would love to see one for real. All the birds you've captured are lovely. Thank you for sharring these photos with us :)

  13. Amazing to me that the silt gets around on those thin legs. Thanks for linking up today.

  14. Hello! Wonderful birds and great photos! That red-whiskered bulbul looks so nice.

  15. Hello, lovely variety of birds and gorgeous photos. I can not pick a favorite, I love them all. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  16. Once again you've got some show-stopping shots there!
    Thanks for linking up at

  17. Some incredible birds here. I think the Oriole is my favourite.

  18. G'day my fellow birder!! I'm here, as always, to send along my sincere thank you for sharing this post with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!

  19. beautiful photos of a great selection of birds


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