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Dear Sweetheart

I hope you discover what I discovered -- that the world is full of beauty, hope, wonder, and love. And I hope you come to realize what I realized -- that nothing else matters.

I love you, desperately

Birds at St. Stephen's Green

Irish Museum of Modern art

O'Connell Street

Fine Sculpture

Enjoying the Sun at St. Stephen's Green

Natural History Museum

A walk along the beach

Buggy Ride

I wanted to pet the horse. Look at the long silky hair on horse's lower legs. Adorable!!

Trying my hand at Modern Art at Irish Museum of Modern Art

Statue of Daniel O'Connell, O'Connell Street

Prime Minister's House, Dublin

Art at Irish Museum of Modern Art

St. Mary's Church

Silhouette of a Church

LUAS outside Hueston station

School House Bar, Dublin

Me and Tuborg

Guinness Beer

While in Dublin the Guinness Storehouse is a must visit. It is described as the Disneyland for the beer lover.

Shooting of a Jane Austin Movie

Kids at Phoenix Park

Grand Canal, Dublin

Duck in Grand Canal, Dublin

Inside Irish Museum of Modern Art


Happeny Bridge

The bridge in the backdground is the Hapenny bridge. The bridge was named after the half penny toll they used to charge to cross the bridge.

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Performers on Grafton Street

At Grafton Street you will come across a lot of street performers including mimers, guitarists, singers who commonly perform to the shopping crowds.

Street Dancer in Dublin

Flower Stall in Grafton Street, Dublin

Fallow deer in Phoenix Park, Dublin

I found herds of fallow deer near the Papal Cross