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A wild bloom


  1. Beautiful blossom in one of my favorite colors....I am sitting here watching a 2007 Eros film with Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan- Laaga Chunari Meik Daag.

  2. A film about "the oldest profession". I have watched it in parts on TV. The movie could not keep me interested for long.

  3. It is way too long, for one thing. It could easily have been over at the intermission!

  4. Agree. The producer(Yash Raj films) is known to make movies that are targeted at the Punjabi migrants in the US and UK. They splurge by adding extravagance to make the scenes appealing to those audience while ignoring the plot and the pace of the movie.

  5. Outstanding color and unique angle. Well done!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography


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