1. Shijus, this is such a spectacular photo - I realize, after I did it, I should have asked you first, but I posted it on facebook, stating,
    "My Indian friend, Shiju Shunugan is an incredible photographer"

  2. Vacker bild med den nästan förgyllda trollsländan.

  3. @Carmen Thanks. Oh that's the wrong spelling of my name. I know its a bit of a tongue twister.LOL

  4. @Nette Your comments are so wonderful. Every time you comment, I use google to translate to English. Now this has helped me in adding quite a few Swedish words to my vocabulary. Thanks a ton.

  5. All right, I'll try to look before I write..I think I have it and I goof it up, Shiju. Sorry. It actually is syllable by syllable and much easier than many Indian names.

  6. You know, I've cruised 78 times with Royal Caribbean. That's how my love for India began. The first person I encountered, over fifteen years ago - he no longer works for the company - was a bartender - Santos - from Sahar. We are friends to this day and, when I visited India in 1997, I stayed with he and his wife. I've acquired hundreds of Indian friends and many other friends from Royal Caribbean since that time. They tend to hire people from third world countries since who else will work six month straight for such low wages!! At any rate, they always take on Americanized first names which are displayed on their name tags. I hate that and I always ask their birth names and, though, it may take me a few tries, I use that that thereafter. After all, if I'm going to deserve the title bestowed on me -"the American mother of the Indian crew", it's the least I could do!

  7. This is so beautiful. I love the details of the dragonfly, with the background of such lovely blurred colours.

  8. Helló!
    Gyönyörűek a képeid.
    Hozzám ez áll a legközelebb.Szitakötő :)
    Remélem nem baj, hogy a saját blog oldalamat is díszítettem a képeiddel,de nehéz ellenállni nekik :)

    Üdv Szilvi

  9. @Szilvi Glad that you liked the pictures. You are free to use the pictures in your blog as long as you credit the source with a link.


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