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The Middle Sister, a blogger from United Kingdom mentioned about me in her blog

Some people are massively lucky and live in incredibly picturesque places on this planet. Some people are massively talented and can see a picture where other people just see everyday life. Some people have massively expensive camera equipment. Seems Shiju Sugunan is the kind of bastard that has all three of these and a blog so he can prove it. Not sure how happy he would be, with my mentioning him in the same blog as Kurt Sutter, seeing as he says he hates action, or how he would feel about being called a bastard – no offense meant Shiju, sarcasm is my first form of expression – but if you want to see something truly beautiful turn to his blog. Honestly you won’t be disappointed.
I am so touched. I would like to convey my thanks to her and also my greetings from India. You can also visit her blog


  1. Dear stupidly good photographer aka Mr Bolts.

    I wrote about your blog in my blog so just wondered if you fancied a gander?


  2. @TMS Thank you. I will visit your blog.

  3. @Elettra Thanks for visiting. Do visit again.

  4. This is such a sweet picture! This bird ( dove, pigeon? ) seems to really be checking you out, Shiju!


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