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Some people are massively lucky and live in incredibly picturesque places on this planet. Some people are massively talented and can see a picture where other people just see everyday life. Some people have massively expensive camera equipment. Seems Shiju Sugunan is the kind of bastard that has all three of these and a blog so he can prove it. Not sure how happy he would be, with my mentioning him in the same blog as Kurt Sutter, seeing as he says he hates action, or how he would feel about being called a bastard – no offense meant Shiju, sarcasm is my first form of expression – but if you want to see something truly beautiful turn to his blog. Honestly you won’t be disappointed.
I am so touched. I would like to convey my thanks to her and also my greetings from India. You can also visit her blog


  1. You are so deserving of this mention, Shiju, and the accolades. Your photographs defy description, they are so incredibly beautiful. Photography is as much a talent, in my opinion, as welding a paintbrush and you, indeed, are an artist in this realm.

  2. Those flowers are really beautiful! Just curios, but what made you an atheist? Don't get mad, just curios.

  3. @StarandSnip Thank you for visiting. I am an atheist probably because I ask a lot of questions and I question the validity of the so called answers. It was not an overnight transformation as caused by a grudge. One person who influenced me a lot is Richard Dawkins. I love his book - The God Delusion. I don't preach atheism. Atheism is a religion in the same way that not collecting stamps is a hobby.

  4. @Carmen Your continued patronage and suggestions are vital part of my photography attempts. Thank you.

  5. I will have to check out the Richard Dawkins book. My middle son, Alex ( the one who just got married ) does not believe in God and chose a winery setting for his wedding ( he figured his mother would like that ). They did have a minister do the brief ceremony. I, myself, feel there must be some sort of Divine Being though I'm not sure who that might be. I question religions that destroy and seem so filled with hatred and violence. I guess, basically, my beliefs are that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect - and, too often, those who profess to believe in God seem to be lacking in real concern for manking.

  6. Whoops, I meant's getting late here!


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