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Watery Wednesday


  1. Shiju, this is such a splendid shot. I always wonder how you manage to find these. Were you wandering down along the river? The reflection of the bridge in the water is wonderful!

  2. Is the camera at an angle, or is the bridge? I just have this feeling that the whole world is sliding off the edge of my desk...
    Other than that, it is a cool photo! I love the reflections!

  3. @Judy You have rightly pointed it out. The camera angle is slightly tilted. It was not intentional. You can make out the tilt at the base of the pillars; the point that touches the water. The pillars are not perpendicular to the ground and that makes my error even more glaring.
    I should have been more careful while framing the shot.
    Appreciate your critical comment.

  4. @Carmen This bridge is on a lake located very near to my home. There's a jogging path around the lake which I frequent.

  5. I like this shot it has great lines and a very nice reflection.

    Please feel free to submit it or any other of your reflection photos to Weekend Reflections this weekend or any weekend. :)

  6. @James I have submitted a reflection photo. Thanks for visiting.

  7. I love the architectural element of this photo composed against the fluidity of the water.


    OK, just one more.


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