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Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?


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  2. What exactly is this, Shiju? Fruit, vegetable? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. How is your son enjoying school? Is Mama lonesome while he is away?

  3. @Carmen I don't think this is edible. I just got attracted by the spherical shape of the fruit. These were hanging on a huge tree. This is a special weekend for us. We are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today. My son is enjoying the school. Mama keeps herself busy finding recipes for him. Nishu is a poor eater so we have to make that extra effort to make meal time happy and interesting.

  4. At first, I thought this was a breadfruit, Shiju, but, on looking closer, I see it's different. I think breadfruit trees are so beautiful. They have such dark green leaves and they grow so big! In the Caribbean, I've had breadfruit in restaurant...sauteed with garlic. It was quite tasty. I've also seen the trees in Hawaii and I've read they grow in India.


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