Peacock plumes


  1. This is a really great shot. Those are some of my favourite colours in there. Fantastic capture!

  2. LOVE this! My daughter and her boyfriend decorated their prom outfits with peacock feathers, and she put one in her hair. VERY striking image!

  3. How have I missed all these recent posts? Brilliant! I wrote a poem once about peacocks!

    The Peacock

    The national bird of India,
    You strut with regal airs,
    In terms of utter beauty,
    No other one compares!

    Your crown of brilliant blue,
    Befits your splendid train,
    Which you open to its fullest,
    With a sense of great disdain.

    Shimmering eyes peruse,
    From the feathers of your tail,
    With your train in full display,
    You let out a piercing wail.

    The courtship has begun,
    You begin to sway and prance,
    In hopes of enticing,
    A peahen with your dance

    Carmen Henesy

    Copyright (c) 2007 by Carmen Henesy
    All rights reserved.

  4. @Carmen You have an extraordinary gift of words. Wonderful.


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