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Birding at Turahalli

I am continuing from my last post about the bird watching trip to two birding hot spots of Bangalore on the last day of the year. 
In the last post I covered the birding at Valley School.
This post contains the birds and butterflies I saw at Turahalli mini-forest. 
Here's a photo tour... 

It is wonderful to have a mini forest in Bangalore city. Thanks to the forest department for preserving it...

First bird spotted was a shy Shikra. Shikra was a favourite among falconers in India due to the ease with which it could be trained and was frequently used to procure food for the more prized falcons...

A Green Bee-eater flew in with a bee...

Thrashing the prey before swallowing...

Common Sailor Butterfly...

Ashy Drongo...

Like the Bee-eaters, the Ashy Drongo relishes bees. They were seen perched on trees near bee hives...

Bee hive...

Caterpillar of Crimson Rose Butterfly...

A Crimson Rose Swallowtail butterfly I had clicked on my last trip here...

Female Indian Golden Oriole...

One more shot of the Indian Golden Oriole...

Baronet Butterfly...


One more shot of the Damselfly...

Another Green Bee-eater...

Red Pierrot butterfly...

Red-vented Bulbul...

Common Pierrot butterfly...

The Small Minivet was too shy. I couldn't see its face...

Yellow Pansy butterfly...

White-spotted fantail...

Quite surprisingly, I found a White-breasted Kingfisher in this most unlikely place with no water body around...

I have found White-breasted Kingfishers most difficult to photograph. They fly away at the slightest sign of human presence...

This was even more difficult to focus because of the branches surrounding it...


  1. Wonderful photos. Thank-you for sharing your pictures and identifying the name of each!

  2. Damselflies photos are too good.. sharp n clear. Happy new year.

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  4. Lovely post buddy....Recently went on a cycle ride to Turahalli will take my binoculars next time

    1. Thanks Avinash! You should take your binoculars, it won't disappoint.

  5. Hello!:) Exiting images of birds and butterflies I have never seen. Particular beauties are the Green Bee Eaters, ours are more bluish. Thank you for sharing so many different species, it was a treat.

  6. Amazing shots. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Beautiful selection of birds and butterflies. Loving the Green Bee Eater and the Kingfisher.

  8. Oh how beautiful! They are all wonderful but absolutely adored the Black Drongo and the Crimson Rose Swallowtail. Beautiful photos!

  9. All of them were captured well! So beautiful and especially I like the damselfly.
    Happy Thursday!

  10. So many lovely images, the butterflies are all so pretty


  11. incredible photos!! just brilliant!

  12. Your photography is beautiful. The birds and insects look so lush and well fed. https://fairmeadowplace.blogspot.ca

  13. I always enjoy your nature photography. SUCH great detail and composition. Thank you for linking up today and always. Have the best weekend!

  14. Wow, I love your close up photos! Stopping by from bloggers pit stop!

  15. These photos are so gorgeous and clear. I'm sure you would need patience to capture the birds as they move pretty quickly. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos with us at #BloggersPitStop

  16. What amazing photography. My hat is off to you! Beautifully done.

  17. Hello, gorgeous photos and captures of the birds. I love the bee-eater and all the butterflies are lovely. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  18. Being an avid bird watcher in South Africa, I loved your post with all the photos of your birds. Hopefully one day I will visit your country and find some of them.

  19. The Green bee eater photos are my favorites! WOW! What a gorgeous bird. And how neat to see the details of the beehive. Hope you were zooming with your camera! You are a wonderful photographer!

  20. You live where there are such beautiful birds and butterflies! I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photos.

  21. The shy Shikra is so cute. Lovely pictures.

  22. I want to thank you for showing us at I'd Rather B Birdin' your weekend photos!! Your paticipation is always greatly appreciated.

    ...and that crimson rose swallowtail is definitely an award winner!

  23. Stunning photos! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. So many different fantastic birds and butterflies. You capture them so well. thank you for sharing, so I can see birds and insects, I don't get to experience where I live x

  25. Gorgeous! The crimson rose butterfly took my breath away!

  26. I'm always entranced by your photos - the diversity in Bangalore is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/01/a-few-feathery-visitors.html

  27. I enjoyed this Post so much!
    Heidrun XO

  28. Conserving natural spaces like this is so important.

  29. Wow! Such a wonderful variety of lovely creatures, as always!!

  30. Wow...You got some amazing shots...

  31. Hi Sir, Planning to go this Saturday 28-07-2018, will it be fine, or any particular time need to visit

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