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New menu at Cafe Mangii

A change of season always brings with it a new menu at Café Mangii, the charming Italian restaurant in Orion Mall, Bangalore. I have been here so many times and always look forward to the new gourmet additions in their menu at the beginning of every season. 

Here is a photo tour of the new magical menu additions, this summer...

Lemon iced tea...

They served Plateau De Fromage at the beginning of the meal and it appeared to be a mixup as the cheese platter is typically served after the main course. 
But I was glad to have the fine assortment of cheese at the beginning as I wouldn't have had any appetite left after the main course. 
The fine cheese included Brie, Emmental, Cheddar, Chèvre served along with Walnuts, Gala Grapes, cured Olives, Crostini and Grissini...

The delicately flavored Potage Parmentier (Creamy leek and Potato soup) was good. The spinach crisps were an interesting improver...

Roasted red pepper soup with Melba toast...

Mini watermelon cups were cute little watermelon cubes filled with Feta fondue, Arugula, Pine nut and aged Balsamic reduction...

Strawberry and Guava cooler...

Cranberry Apple salad was a crisp celery fennel slaw with Gala Apples, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and honey dijon dressing. It was simple and refreshing...

The small plate appetizers  (left to right) were 
1. Jerk chicken Olivetti - Scotch bonnet peppers fumed chicken supreme served with Jerk Mayo and Pina Colada dip,
2. Chicken envelope - Scamorza gorged Bacon chicken blanket, slow-smoked barbecue basted in an Apricot Orange glaze
3. Baked Jalapeno molten - Creamy stuffed Jalapenos, salsa verde, sweet paprika and garlic dipping sauce
4. Crostini di polenta - Grilled Parmesan Polenta cakes, peperonata and Chive Aioli
5. Gorged Mushrroms -Herbed cream cheese and parmesan stuffed mushrooms in smudged barbecue...

Main course had Fusilli Mamarosa - Duo of cream and smoked cherry tomato sauce, pimentos, Broccoli florets and mushrooms...

Grillé cottage cheese steak with olive and cilantro tapenade, tomato riso, saffron beurre blanc...

Lemon Pepper Basa - Butter poached Basa fish served with zucchini fritters and smeared with lemon butter sauce. This was my favorite of the day...

Pollo Lombardy - Marsala and Mushroom immersed chicken, Parsley Mozzarella melt and grilled asparagus...

Philadelphia baked cheese cake with Blueberry compote...

Velvet brick brownie with Vanilla ice-cream...

I really enjoyed sampling the new menu additions. 
Leaving you with a view of the World Trade Center as seen from Café Mangii...


  1. Hello, wonderful review and images. The food looks delicious. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

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    You've also reminded me that I used to drink Iced Tea all the time whilst living abroad. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

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  14. I've never seen a velvet brownie before...how did it taste?

    1. It tastes good with its rich chocolate flavor but it was not as moist as a regular red velvet.

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    much love...

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