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Better Ingredients Better Pizza

Papa John's claim to serve pizzas made from the freshest and best ingredients. According to them, safe, unbleached, high-protein flour is used to prepare the hand-tossed dough. The dough is always made fresh, and is never stored. I ordered some of their stuff to verify if better ingredients make better tasting pizza. 
Here's a photo tour...

Cheese sticks and potato wedges...

Oven baked tender Chicken Wings, marinated with secret spices and served with Barbeque sauce....

Chicken Super Papas - Premium Capsicum, Chicken Salami, Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage, Onions, Fresh Mushrooms and Black Olives, Chicken tikka layered on top of pizza sauce and smothered with Mozzarella cheese...

Fajita pizza is their signature tomato pizza sauce seasoned with tangy fajita spices, topped grilled chicken, fresh onions, green capsicum,  sweetcorn, mushrooms and jalapeno . Finished with mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with  with  mouth-watering  fajita seasoning...

Tandoori pizza is tomato pizza sauce, flavored with tandoori,  topped with grilled chicken,  red onions, green capsicum, golden corn, red paprika. Finished with mozzarella cheese...

Garden salad has Iceberg Lettuce,  Red Onions, Tomatoes, green capsicum, red cabbage and golden corn with Thousand Island Dressing...

Royal flavour of Zaffran pizza with Mozzerella cheese, green capsicum, red onions, chicken keema and chicken tikka topped with unique zaffran sauce. This remains my favorite...

 Molten chocolate lava cake...

Choco mousse cup...

The verdict: The ingredients definitely looked fresh as they claimed and some of the pizzas were really interesting in terms of flavor with right amount of toppings and cheese.
Our two years old fussy eater loved it...


  1. I want pizza now! And it's not even 9 am yet.

  2. oh my goodness- that is a lot of food! Wow.

  3. The Chicken & Pizza had me drooling then I got to the Chocolate Lava Cake. Yummo!!! It all looks so good.

  4. Gosh your posts always make me hungry and/or thirsty :D LOVE IT
    Thank you for linking in with Through my Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. All of this looks absolutely yummy!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/06/drip-drip-drip.html

  6. The pizza flavours are amazing! Inspiration for my next pizza making day :)

  7. Too bad the owner of the company is the biggest horses arse in the world. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT HIS FRANCHISE. Research the douche.

  8. That pizza looks delicious. The other foods look good, but the pizza is most appealing I think.

  9. You've some good food pics, there. I'm so hungry for pizza tonite, yum.

  10. My heart goes Yummmm ... Suddenly I am hungry.

  11. I love love piza...looks so good here
    your handsome son is really growing...i've watch him from a little bitty boy grow into such a handsome lad...

  12. That's pretty cool that Papa John's has a franchise there. They are pretty prevalent in the USA. I love a thin crust margherita style pizza!

  13. We had papa johns for dinner tonight. How funny!

  14. The pizza looks delicious.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Aww this post made me hungry!


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