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Scotch Whisky and the art of blending

I was at Gadang, the Sports Bar at Park Plaza, Bangalore for an Art of Blending session where Diageo demystified the elusive blending secrets of five of their finest whisky. 

Hemant Mundkur, United Spirits Brand Ambassador, unraveled the rich legacy and science of the art that makes a ‘Scotch Whisky savoring experience’ absolutely unforgettable. 

Here's a photo tour of the wonderful evening...

As the guests for the evening were slowly trickling in and there was still time for the event to commence, I decided to raid the bar and try some scotch based cocktails...

I liked the Red Label Mule - Johnnie Walker Red Label married with sweetness and spice to create this signature serve with ginger ale and fresh citrus...

A game of pool before we start...

Hemant Mundkur took guests through the world of Scotch, transporting them to where it all started – Scotland, the land that perfected the art of making a ‘wee bit of dram’ over centuries. A fun, interactive session, where the enthusiasts indulged in trivia that revealed facts of blending and what makes a quintessential Scottish blend so coveted...

Here are the five stars of the evening - Vat69, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, Black&White, Johnnie Walker Red Label, and Johnnie Walker Black Label...

Each whisky was explored for its color, aroma, taste and finish...

The raw ingredients like chocolate, cinnamon, orange peel, plum cake etc. were handy inclusions that helped in comparing the taste and aroma in the blends...

As the session progressed, we became quite skillful in identifying the unique characteristics of each of these finest Scotch Whiskies...

A blind tasting session was conducted to see who can correctly identify the drink...

 And the joy upon guessing the right whisky...

Prapti shared some short and sweet thoughts...

We also tasted a special menu curated by Chef Narender Singh, Park Plaza, which paired very well with the scotch whiskies at the ‘Art of Blending’ session...

My favorite whisky of the day was Vat 69...

 With its fruity, soft finish and a spicy aftertaste, VAT 69 delighted me...

 Overall it was a very informative and enjoyable evening. Leaving you with some trivia about the five featured whiskies...

VAT69: The ‘One in a Hundred’ scotch blend that stood out, VAT69 was the outcome of Sir William Sanderson’s relentless pursuit to create the best blend in 1882. The preferred choice of the avant-garde, it has a fruity, soft finish and a spicy aftertaste.

Black&White: Best enjoyed when shared and savoured amongst friends, James Buchanan created Black & White in 1902. Named after two affable and lovable Scottish terriers, 3 malts whiskies together form the heart of this blend:  Dalwhinnie, Clynelish and Glendullan. Black&White a light a predominant grainy note and smooth, long-lasting flavor.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve: Created by Sir Walter Millard’s ingenious craft, this Scotch Whisky is triple matured for enriched quality. Millard named this blend, ‘Black Dog’ after his favorite fishing fly. For over 130 years, this luxury blend continues to enchant whisky lovers with elegant woody flavors with silky smooth finish.

Johnnie Walker Red Label: A timeless classic, the Walker family used their vast knowledge of Scotland’s malts and grains to create a rich, full-bodied blend with universal appeal. With its combination of light whiskies from Scotland’s east coast and dark, peaty whiskies from west coast, Johnnie Walker Red Label has exceptional rich, deep flavors.

Johnnie Walker Black Label: With its origins in 1870s, Johnnie Walker Black Label is an acclaimed masterpiece of blending craftsmanship. Its depth drawn from over 40 selected grains and malt whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 12 years. It is smooth and warming, with a medium sweet finish and hints of peat


  1. I would most enjoy savoring all these with my dear friend, Shiju Sugunan, who seems to be able to eat and drink without gaining a single ounce - not so me!! Thanks for the good descriptions of each scotch.

  2. I have never cared for the taste or odor of scotch whisky, but this post makes me think I would have been more than willing to try the drink mixtures you all were presented. Loved the lady who guessed the brand correctly. Nice grin.

  3. I tried this when my hubby and I flew to Tassie. It was heaps of fun but I wasn't very good at it

  4. Oh my gawd! I would have loved this tasting. My sister is a johnnie Walker die hard and would have loved it too :)

  5. The sign made me work a little to interpret it!
    Thanks for sharing these great photos at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-walls-of-san-juan.html

  6. So cool! Glad you got to go!

  7. What a neat new skill to be able to identify the whiskey.

  8. Here in Canada we have whiskey flavoured with maple syrup.

  9. Very interesting! Have a fantastic week!

  10. HI Shiju,
    Thank you for bringing all your wonderful photos to Bloggers Pit Stop.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew.

  11. those pastries look so yuuum..looks like a great time you all have there..

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