Kababs and curry at Saffron

Last weekend, I was at Park Plaza, Bangalore for the CK Menu launch at Saffron. Saffron is a North West Frontier Cuisine fine dine restaurant at Park Plaza and CK stands for Curry & Kabab. I was sufficiently excited as I love curry & kabab. Here's a picture tour...

The new menu included some delectable selection of curry and kababs, handpicked by Chef de cuisine Ishtiyak. Remembrance of an ancient route that once ran between Old Delhi and Lahore... 

The ambiance gives the feel of the old world while providing the modern sophistication... 

 Artistically folded napkins...

While we waited for the food to arrive, it was nice to have a conversation with Chef Narendra, Director F&B...

Soup arrived. Kharoday - Paya Ras. Lamb trotters simmered in aromatic broth. It was perfect to ready my palate for the appetizers...

Soon, the first platter of Kababs arrived. Saufiyana Murgh Tikke is succulant chicken pieces marinated with fresh fennel leaves and char grilled in clay pot. The pieces were dewy and soft...

If not careful, this dinner could easily be a heavy affair. Shami Kabab made from shoulder meat of kid lamb simmered in lentils and whole spices, stuffed with fresh pomegranate , hung curd and pan fried. They were irresistibly tasty...

Sizzling wonderfully is Jhinga kali Mirch Sarson. Tiger Prawns marinated with yoghurt, crushed peppercorns and homemade Indian spices, delicately cooked in clay oven. The prawns melted in my mouth. One thing I liked about all the kababs served was that the spice level was modest and allowed the meat to be the star...


All the kababs were served with Missi Roti...
For the mains there was Bhati Chowk da Nalli Ghosht - delicacy from the streets of Lahore, Lamb shanks cooked in rich onion and yoghurt gravy flavored with saffron. Then there was Safed Makhan ka Chooza Makhni -  young chicken cooked in homemade white butter with satin smooth tomato gravy. Anarkali Bazaar de Bater was Quails cooked in Punjabi Style. All the curry went perfectly well with the assorted Roti...

Maah di Dal - delicacy of whole urad dal, tomato puree and garlic simmered overnight on tandoor, enriched with cream and served with dollop of butter... 

Saffroni Murgh Biryani - Long grain Basmati rice cooked in Dum with marinated chicken flavored with saffron. The chicken pieces were tender and the rice was fragrant and good...


The dessert platter had Kulfi Falooda, Kesar Rasmalai and Gajar Ka Halwa. Who cares for calories when you already had Biryani...

Paan shot is a digestive after meal drink made from betel leaves. It is delish and refreshing...

Overall, I was quite happy with the meal and the hospitality. Leaving you with the smile of the doorman, Nityananda. If you are unable to see the smile hidden under the thicket, you can definitely see it in his eyes...


  1. Looks like a beautiful, elegant restaurant, with delicious food.

  2. Wonderful photos of a great restaurant and the food looks amazing!

  3. Wow - I must head to the kitchen, as you've made my mouth water!
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Looks tempting to the tastebuds!

  5. I am not a big fan of curry, but it looks like that is a beautiful restaurant.

  6. Looking at all of that made me so hungary


  7. Love the portrait of the doorman that's a serious moustache!

  8. This is definitely a restaurant I'd want to feast at!! Lovely photos!

  9. What a wonderfully delightful post. The meal looks both interesting and delicious. Love the smiling doorman!

  10. Sounds (and looks) wonderful! Love that shot of the wine glasses.

  11. These all are great! Love the wine glasses with the warm glowing lights.

  12. You captured some great shots and made me hungry along the way! I loved the ambiance as well. :)

  13. Everything looks so flavorful!

  14. The lights glistening through the wine glasses are lovely, but my favorite picture is the distinguished gentleman at the end of the post! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

  15. How nice to chat with the chef! Lovely meal, a very nice record of it!

  16. What a feast. When's lunch?! My mouth is watering now from all that awesome looking food! Love that doorman! :)

  17. Hi Shiju,
    Thanks for coming to the Blogger's Pit Stop. Your graphics are amazing. It must have taken you a long time to upload all of them. My favorite is the two glasses.

  18. Love that smiling doorman. For some reason, your blog is allowing me to comment again. I was here before, trying and trying, but with no luck. Food looks so good!! You do it justice with your photography.

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