Tasting session with MasterChef Judge George Calombaris

I was invited to an exclusive tasting session with MasterChef celebrity judge George Calombaris in a one-of-its-kind event hosted by Zomato and Gold Rush Entertainment at JW Marriot, Bangalore.

The session started with the unveiling of  "The GC Collection" on Zomato, an enviable list of restaurants across 12 cities globally, with a mix of favorites and those that George can't wait to dine at...

After a small entertaining chit chat with the audience, George headed to the open kitchen to create some of his signature dishes...

His talk was insightful and laced with humor as he took the questions from audience who looked like his ardent fans...

George and his team pampered the audience with a luscious spread. Ouzo cured Indian seabass was the first...

Miso Eggplant, Celery and herbs with the fish was a fantastic combination...

For vegetarians he created the dish with rice stuffed pepper replacing the fish...

The dish of the day for me was the Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki. A wrap with deep fried soft shell crab with greens and drizzle of Honey lime...

It was so delicious that I could not help taking a second helping....

Yes George, I am really loving this meal...

For dessert, George's team created the Salted Caramel Rice Pudding with Almond biscuit and Rice Icecream. Again, it was a great combination...

The GC Collections are available on the Zomato app and website in major global cities that boast great dining experiences - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, London, Dubai and New York.

Leaving you with the lovely smile of one of my co-diners, AK...


  1. You have all the fun and thank you for inviting us along via image!

  2. That guy made it even to dutch television so famous indeed.

  3. That dessert looks amazing to me.

  4. Nice photographs of the food items!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  5. I LOVE soft shell crab. During my six years in New Orleans, I must have consumed a couple hundred of them....and raw oysters in the neighborhood of 10,000 and probably that many pounds of crawfish. That city - & the whole Gulf Coast area was a mecca for good seafood - when oil spills weren't wreaking havoc with marine life. West Coast seafood is great, too...but, sadly, Dungeness crab doesn't come as a soft shell variety...boy, that would be wonderful...soft shell crab that size!!!
    We've had problems with oil spills, too, on the Best Coast, too!!

    As always, my envy meter shot out of the ball park reading about your latest foray into fancy dining experiences. Great pictures!

  6. That souvlaki looks amazing, I am salivating just thinking about it! Fabulous you got to experience one of our much loved Aussie chefs.

  7. Hello, wonderful review and post. The food looks delicious, especially the soft shelled crab! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your new week!

  8. What a wonderful experience you've had. Thanks for sharing this at What Are You Doing? Blog Hop #111.

  9. Such an artistic presentation - beautiful!
    Thank you for linking up at

  10. I am pleased to see my city on your list, as the food here looks really delicious.

  11. OH my... Everything looks so tasty. My mouth is made water right now, would love to try that Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki.
    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  12. Looks amazing and very tasty! Thanks for linking up! x

  13. the food looks amazing and I hope you had a fab time

  14. It must be so fun to be a chef to create so many great looking dishes of food!!
    The food looks great!

  15. OOH YUM!
    Hope you'll come link up these tasty shots at

  16. How much fun this must have glad you enjoyed it so much.
    Happy Ruby....

  17. tht must have been wonderful to seea master chef at work and these photographs are great. I am glad I have just eaten my dinner otherwise I would not be veery hungry!

  18. Amazing presentation of food. very well captured.

  19. What a special evening! Thanks for sharing!

  20. cool to be able to taste the cooking of a master chef

  21. That soft shell crab dish! I miss seafood as I am from a fishing village in the Philippines. Where I am here in the UK, they dont have much fish and crabs!

  22. What an awesome opportunity and a yummy one at that! Thanks for joining us on Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday!


  23. Every week, I leave your site starving! All of these looked incredible!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday this past week! I appreciate the support!


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