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A rendezvous with wine

I was invited to a wine tasting and food pairing event at Fava, UB City, organized by Four Seasons.

Being a single malt snob for many years, I was looking for an introduction to this genre of liquor.

The event was very informative. Appreciate Mr. Abhay Kewadkar (Head UB- Four Seasons Wines and Chief Wine maker) for explaining the finer aspects of savoring various wines and food pairing.

Lamb Chop served with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.
After attending this event, I can happily say that my taste buds have been adequately altered to enjoy the rich and robust flavors that a glass of wine has to offer.

For more information on Four Seasons visit: www.fourseasonsvineyards.com


  1. Wonderful shot & information i like it. thanks for sharing nice post.

  2. Now, that is MY kind of event. You know how I've lamented the lack of good wine during my long stays in India. Living only 70 miles from the Napa Valley and so near other good California wine areas has made me a bit of a wine snob, I fear, but I do so love a good glass of wine - and, where I live, they don't really have to be expensive. I, too, enjoy a good single malt scotch. Travel has rewarded me with visits to some wonderful wine regions of the world - Argentina, France, Italy, Greece - perhaps, India, will soon be a competitor. Those lamb chops sure look terrific.

  3. Beautiful shot! Great capture! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Shiju
    It was nice meeting you in the event
    Keep in touch
    Please check my blog :)


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