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World in a droplet


  1. WOW!!!Stunning capture.Have a great week ahead!

  2. Absolutely incredible! I love shots of water drops and your is stunning.

  3. Absolutely incredible! I love shots of water drops and your is stunning.

  4. Hi, Magnificent shot, i love this shot.

  5. Artistic, vivid and exquisite! A magical macro!

  6. Lovely shot of water on the flower petal. What type of macro lens are you using?

  7. Very Nice & creative shot. i like your shot.

  8. Very well framed, nicely captured.

  9. Fantastic shot!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  10. What a dramatic shot, beautiful!

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..


  11. Lovely photo, amazing colours.Like it!Happy WW:)

  12. really wonderful pic! thanks for sharing with tina´s ww! :)

  13. What a great shot! It's amazing how such a tiny drop can reflect such a large area.

  14. Bright, colorful and exquisite!

  15. Gorgeous! This really makes me hunker after a new camera.

  16. Beautiful image. I love the rich colors of the flower and that delicate rain drop.

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