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Thai lunch at Mango Tree Bistro Bar, Bangalore

Mango Tree, a very successful Thai brand has launched its first Mango Tree Bistrobar in India at Bangalore. Yesterday, me and some friends visited the Thai restaurant and lounge to try their offerings...

The interiors are spacious and pleasing. I liked how they displayed Thai recipes on the ceiling...

There are some interesting curios too...

I was eager to try their Thai bistronomy and mixology...

I ordered the Mango Tree special Woodoo Martini. Not bad...

Virgin Mint Mojito...

The Tom Yum Goong prawn soup was most amazing...

Satay Paneer served with peanut sauce tasted as good as it looked...

Por Pia Phak deep fried veg spring rolls...

Thod Mun Pla fish cake...

Thod Mun Goong Shrimp Cake with lemongrass skewers...

Beer to wash the food down...

Gai Yang Ta Krai, traditional Thai grilled chicken with lemongrass...

For main course, we had had Thai Goong, stir fried noodles with prawns in tamarind sauce...

Gaeng Phed Goong, Thai red curry with prawns...

Gaeng Kiew Wan Goong, Thai yellow curry with prawns...

The aromatic Jasmine rice was awesome...

Time for desserts. Khao Niew Mamuang, Mango served with sweetened sticky rice... 

Now the wonderful Deep Fried Ice Cream, Thod Aitim...

This is how it looks when you cut open the deep fired ice cream... Wondering how they did it? Here's the recipe.

The smiles after a highly satisfying lunch...


  1. Well, dear Shiju, I see your waistline is not suffering while Manju is taking care of Rohan in Kerala. The meal look wonderful and your photos are no less so. I eat Thai very often. My beloved friends at Manivanh Thai in San Francisco even put a dish named after me - "Carmen's Special" on the menu when they printed new ones a couple of years ago. I was very touched when I came home from India and saw that.

  2. That's an interesting head. The cracking makes great patterns.

  3. A lovely b&w photo.
    And, Your post made me hungry!
    My post:

  4. Yummy! Now I am hungry and I will make a peanut butter and jam sandwich!

  5. What a unique mix of old and new in the style and that food looks delicious!

  6. Love a good tom yum - hard to find...

  7. Anytime you wish to change gears, an alternate career is bang in front. Great job Shiju!

  8. Enjoying every shot. The food is well presented.

  9. The place as well as the food looks fab! :)

  10. Great food photography! Looks like an interesting place with delicious food!

  11. Oh wow, all the food looks delicious! I have never tried fried ice cream! Great post, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  12. That all looks insanely delicious! I like the look of the restaurant and bar too, very clever to put recipes up on the ceiling.

  13. Food can LOOK so good as well as taste good. Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday FB this week:)

  14. I love your food photography. Looks absolutely stunning and delicious.

  15. Oh it all looks so delicious, I would love to try many of these dishes but the fried ice cream sound very interesting to my ears :)...

  16. Oh! my that ALL looks delicious I can almost taste it, you have a knack of making me hungry heheh!

  17. Wow! Looks completely awesome. Great photos too! Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More.

  18. Amazing interiors and yummy looking food =) #creativemondays

  19. It looks so good! Wonderful photos.

  20. Well let me say, I think you are such an amazing photographer no matter what you are photographing and these photos fit the bill. I wish the Thai food in NYC looked this appetizing.

  21. Thanks for sharing this post on my What Are You Doing? Blog Hop! Beautiful pictures, and loved the descriptions. It really helped me understand the foods.

  22. I like your style of saying less and letting the photos do most the talking. Your photos are powerful and do not need much explanation. Keep up the great work!

  23. Cool shots - this looks like a true find!

  24. Looks good. I have to go check out that fried ice cream recipe!

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  26. Loved your photos and the food looks wonderful! We found it interesting and your post is being featured on this week;'s party that starts Wdnesday night. Thank you for sharing with the Four Seasons party.


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