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Hanging by a thread

Someone please help me identify this beautiful spider. Click on the images to enlarge.

Update: The spider is called Silver Orb Spider - Leucauge dromedaria
Thank you Harsha for the help in identifying.


  1. Silver Camel Spiders.. Also are known as Horizontal Orb Spider... If u want to know more visit This Site.....

  2. Thanks Harsha. The post is updated.

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  4. marvelous shot!

    Following you on Google FC now :)

    Keep Up d Wonderful Blogging.
    Defiant Princess

  5. Wow.. ossum photography! Clear capture..:)

  6. WOW.. that is one beautiful spider and a beautiful shot! keep them coming :)

  7. wow i just came to know by seeing this pic that spiders also look beautiful :)

    nice photography

  8. great pics do u mind sharing some technical details regarding the photo. Thanks

  9. just wonderful... which camera did u use?

  10. Wow Shiju, simply amazin!! Just cant get enough of this pic: don't know if its the clarity, the colors or the vividness, which works for it - but simply awesum...A brilliant one!!

  11. Beautiful..I am scared of spiders but this is such a beauty!!!..Or your clicks made it look that way.

    New in here and some random clicks are waiting for your comment. If good enuff...followup

  12. oh my god.. wat a splendid shot... no words to express its fineness . excellent job .


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