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Asian Barbecue and Steak Festival at High

I was invited for the preview of Asian Barbecue & Steak Festival at High Ultra Lounge which starts from 22nd July to 14th August. 
Here's a photo tour...

Myanmar born Chef Myo Zaw Aung is renowned for his exquisite fusion technique with modern cooking methods and artistic plating. Myo and his team were dishing up a set of barbecue. I was eagerly looking forward to the impending fare... 

It is always a pleasure to see such a cozy setting...

The light fittings are not great for food photography but they make a nice view none the less....

Some interesting cocktails to start with...

The bar counter is elegant...

Ground Beef Steak was a bit different than what I expected, but the flavors were spot on, raised by a slick of Parmesan cheese and  crunchy garlic croutons...

Next up was the Salmon Steak which remains my favorite of the day. The dish was a perfect example of a simple and comforting fare...

At 421 feet, the view is breathtaking...

And the rains gave me a really good photo opportunity...

Asian grilled pork ribs were succulent, slow cooked with some special sauce...

Guru's Love Potion cocktail was a beautiful concoction of Vodka, Cranberry juice, Triple sec, orange blossom water. This was infused with carbon dioxide at the table...

High style Baby Chicken - a special Chef Myo marinade with whole spring baby chicken cooked to a silky perfection...

Main course had Jasmine rice and Thai yellow curry which is always a delightful combination...

The Hookah smoking in the end was fun. Leaving you with a picture of Rumana enjoying a puff...


  1. Nice capture of Rumana smoking the Sheesha!

  2. love all your photos..the lighting..the pretty bar...and all the foods looked amazing. Here from pink Sat.

  3. I am sure you know...you are a great food photographer. :-)

  4. This chef knows how to present the food beautifully.

  5. For me your photos are always supreme but I am always green ( not my best color ) with envy that I didn't get to join in the succulent repast.

  6. For me your photos are always supreme but I am always green ( not my best color ) with envy that I didn't get to join in the succulent repast.

  7. Awww lovely photos and the food looks grloious as always =) #photofriday

  8. I would have been quite at home enjoying this fabulous meal in it's trendy setting - well I would have attempted to look at home doing "trendy"! Great photos :)
    How funny that we should be almost neighbours on #MySundayPhoto and that I am visiting Bangalore with a chef from Myanmar, the two countries that I blogged in my previous post! Spooky! Have a great Sunday!

    1. Just read your post. Bangalore is a city in India. Bangladesh is the country you visited.

  9. That looks and sounds brilliant.

    Thank you for linking up

  10. It looks like it was a fantastic experience - I love the colour of the love potion cocktail.

  11. your epic photos make me hungry!

  12. Mouthwatering photos!

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  13. A brilliant review of food and the aesthetic setting. The color is so nice. You get to eat and photograph amazing foods.

    Bloggers Pit Stop

  14. Sun amazing photography, the food is styled so beautifully.
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  15. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing with us at NanaHood!

  16. Those ribs looks delish!

  17. The puff at the end is a nice touch, lol. But ohhh so much food. The Guru Love Potion and baby chicken and succulent ribs...oh my.

  18. Everything looks so incredible! And I giggled at the last picture - you know how to have fun! ;) Wonderful shots! :)

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  19. What a great time you must have had!


  20. It looks like a very interesting place, not to mention that Salmon really had me going, it would probably be my favorite as well.
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. I could easily sit and look at that view with a love potion drink! The hard part would be choosing what to ea. All looks great :)


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