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Christmas Joy with Mad Over Donuts

This merry season, Mad Over Donuts has some special surprises. I received a box of their limited-time Christmas range... 

The Christmas range comes in the following tempting flavours:

 Cinnaple: Dark chocolate, apple cinnamon filling and mix-spice buttercream. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness! 

Strawberry Santa: Milk chocolate ganache with rich white chocolate and strawberry jelly. There’s no Christmas without Santa! 

 Ginger Buddy: Mad Over Donuts’ version of the Gingerbread Man. Ginger glaze with a filling of milk chocolate honey ganache. A seasonal favorite.

Nishant, my elder son liked the Cinnaple. He said 'nice' when I asked his opinion.
Strawberry Santa was my wife's favorite while I am quite in love with the Ginger buddy. 


  1. Yummi, I prefer the Ginger Buddy! Great Post for OYGIF.

  2. Did you know orange was a colour that makes people hungry ?? ;-)

    1. I didn't know but I agree. I would always prefer an orange coloured food to an oddly coloured one.

  3. Wait a minute!!! What about ROHAN???

  4. I don't think IO ever met a donut that I didn't like.... I love how they made Santa's white beard with sprinkles..LOL...

  5. How fun! That Santa donut is almost too cute to eat! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Those look and sound wonderful. I'd have a hard time choosing. visiting from Photo Friday.

  7. Have seen this Post in PhotoFriday... Looks Wonderful!


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