Amritsari Food Festival at Aloft Bangalore

Some of the most amazing meals I have eaten throughout India is from the Punjab region. Punjabi food is usually served in a Dhaba. Dhaba is a roadside food joint frequented by truck drivers and travelers.  The food is usually simple and has a home-made feel to it. 

I was invited to Aloft Hotel at Cessna Business Park, Bangalore to relish some authentic Punjabi food prepared by chefs from the famed Sodhi Da Dhaba of Amritsar. 

Here's a photo tour...

Aloft Hotel has flown in some of the best chefs straight from the highway dhabas of Amritsar... 

The Nook restaurant of Aloft was awash with colorful Punjabi decor and energy...

I started off with a stunning Lassi. The sweet Punjabi yoghurt drink was really thick and creamy which was perfect for gulping. Starting the meal with yoghurt is a common practice in Punjab thanks to its friendly bacteria that's great for digestion...

My meal was specially curated by Mr JS Sodhi, the person behind "Sodhi Da Dhaba", Amritsar. He revealed that they have brought many special ingredients along with them from Punjab to replicate the Punjabi flavors here in Bangalore. He promised me some great food. I was all for it...

The crispy deep fried Amritsari Fish is best had with a drizzle of lime... 

Bhatti da Murgh, the quintessential Tandoori chicken was tender and juicy. It was coated faintly with just the right amount of herbs...

Tandoori Gobi, a vegetarian version of the previous dish made from Cauliflower...

Alcohol goes well with Punjabi food. But I chose coke as I had to drive back home... 

Sarson ka Saag, made from mustard leaves and spinach cooked into silky smooth green with mild hit of chillies, is best had with Makki di Roti, a bread made from corn flour...

The punjabi kadhi was extremely pleasing...

The Kheema Kulchha, bread stuffed with minced meat was soft with a frail amount of charring. It was served fresh out of the tandoor with a dollop of butter on top...  

Cholle, a curry made from chickpeas was tangy and nice...

The wait staff were very attentive and friendly.  I love Punjab too, and I am hooked to its food...

Punjabi meal is incomplete without some meat in the main course. Murgh Tariwala, a home-style chicken curry remains my favorite...

Naan was soft and buttered well...

Mutton Saagwala, lamb cooked in spinach based gravy interspersed with tiny shreds of ginger...

My tum was begging for mercy, but you can't say no to desserts like Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai and Moong Dal Halwa...

 Finally met the jovial executive sous chef Sandeep Kumar...

Leaving you with the lovely smile of Prapti, my host who was amazingly cheerful despite a sprained knee...   


  1. Food and photographs are awesome !

  2. Absolutely, love your food photos. I can carry your photography equipment next time you go to a festival or restaurant ;0)

  3. Youmeal looks lovely. Fabulous reflections of thoselittle pink pots. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Naan, gobi, lamb, curry what's not to love?

  5. Lovely serie! Would like to taste all those different dishes! Beautiful photos too. Love the one with the pink/green pots, they are making a nicereflection.
    Greetings, Hilde
    Visiting from Through my Lens,

  6. Lovely post and delicious looking meals!
    Teresa from NanaHood

  7. Great photos as always.
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  8. My mouth is watering and I can't stop it from happening!

  9. Now I want a Punjabi feast for dinner. I wonder if I have the ingredients....I've got to go and look.

  10. Mouthwatering food! I am definitely going to find some Punjabi recipes! Thanks for sharing x

  11. A nice post and what lovely food I am soooo jealous heheh!

    Have a foodtastic week :-)

  12. A Really scrumptious posting

    Much love...

  13. What gorgeous food photo and looks so yummy!

  14. As usual, everything looks so delicious. Great pictures!!

  15. Great food! Thanks for sharing about the cultural food and for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

  16. Awesome! Mouthwatering stuffs!

  17. I love the portrait of the older gentleman!

  18. Everything looks delicious and the painted pottery really caught my eye.

  19. Sometimes a coke is the best thing to drink. I love it over ice on a really hot day. - Margy

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