1. Shiju, this is the most beautiful photo of your family! What a treasure. Did you see my post about my middle son's wedding?

    The only sad thing about the day is that Alex's older brother, Shawn, who helped raise him
    ( Jeremy and Alex's dad abandoned us when they were 3 & 1, following my back surgery - if Shawn, 11 years older hadn't helped me, I don't think we would have made it! ) was activated ( he's in the
    Air Force reserves and sent to Germany a week before the wedding ).

  2. Dear Shiju,

    My poetry book, "Life's Journey" won't be in the regular is only available through the store and will be at in about a week. I am not sure if they ship to India. You know I am hoping to get to India in late October. If I make it, I will be bringing some of my books with me and I will have one for you!


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