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Summer festival at Cafe Mangii

The summer so far has been a very challenging one. In India, this has been one of the deadliest summers with soaring temperatures. So, when Café Mangii invited me to the Summer Festival, and promised plenty of summer friendly food, I was only too glad to attend. Here's a photo tour...

I have taken to eating lots of fruits and vegetables during the hot days as many fruits contain water that will further keep the body cool and hydrated. The Summer menu had lots of vegetables and fruits in the offing and my dear wife was really looking forward to this meal...

While we were waiting, a bread basket was set in front of us along with a bowl of butter. I liked the herb-laden rolls...

We ordered Fruit Sangria to drink. White wine for her and red wine for me...

Watermelon Gazpacho soup. Made from ground cucumber with watermelon bits, green tomatoes and garnished with feta cheese, croutons and mint was an instant cooler...

Chilled Melon and Fresh Alphonso Soup with bit of pistachio on the rim. Loved it...

The Salads variety was quite immense. The Melon and Mango Bouquet had ripe mango, scalloped melon, onion, sweet peppers drizzled with mini mojito...

Rosemary Chicken with Hot and Sweet Mango Pickle was an interesting salad. The tomatoes, rucola, baby spinach with the mango pickle were a great combination of flavors... 

Watermelon Pizza - Slices of  watermelon topped with feta cheese, balsamic vinegar and greens...

Let us move on to the appetizers. Pina Colada Chicken - coconut chicken tender served with creamy pina colada vinaigrette dip. This remains my wife's favorite... 

Zucchini Crisps - flowered golden fried squash with labneh...

Crispy Chicken with Asparagus and Tomatoes. This had a nice mild hint of basil in the aftertaste... 

I should mention that the Fruit Sangria was most refreshing and was perhaps the best drink to wash it all down...  

Let us move on to the main course. Apricot Glazed Hen - wood fire roast chicken served with cilantro whipped potatoes, green bean and apricot glaze...

Summer Spaghetti - hand cooked spaghetti in a red and yellow cherry tomato sauce...

Salmon al Cartoccio - Salmon fillet marinated in ginger soy and brown sugar served with roast almonds and snow peas...

How can a meal end without desserts? 
Chocolate Brownie...

Fresh Cream and Mangoes...

There are a number of other items in the Summer Menu. You should ideally give it a try to cool off and eat something which is a tasty way of combating the heat.


  1. Twice now, I've tried to post & they've been spirited away, probably by the same gods that are wreaking havoc with my phone!

    My goodness, I am surprised that you didn't have to be transported home by ambulance! What a feast! And how wonderful that Manju was able to share this gastronomic adventure with you. The pictures were mouth watering. I immediately looked online & saw there is a Cafe Mangii in neighboring Khar. I think I'll go tonight, with your blog as my guide.

  2. Lovely pictures.
    Right now I will have the chilled melon and fresh alphonso soup with pistachio on the rim :-)

  3. It all looks good. My favorite recipes are the ones with mangoes. In fact I need to make mango curry chicken for tomorrow's dinner.

    I read about the horrendous hear in India. Glad to see you and yours are well.

  4. Perfect summer treats! The spaghetti is calling my name. I adore simple, fresh pasta dishes.

  5. It all looks so delicious! And, I gotta remember that watermelon pizza idea.

  6. Social Media Weekend pointed me to your site. What a privilege it is to meet you this morning and to read your post. Summer isn't official here in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's been rather warm for early June. I'm not looking forward to the rising temperatures & humidity. I love summer fruits, berries, and melons! I would love to have some watermelon, but my husband can't eat because of allergies and I certainly don't need to eat a whole one. Although, I could easily over an entire week. lol Everything looks so yummy in the photographs. That coconut chicken sounds really yummy and I'd be interesting in trying that myself. You made me hungry. lol Have a good day. I invite you to stop by anytime to see what’s going on with Curious as a Cathy, but today you have a chance to read

  7. How could one possibly choose a favourite? It all looks wonderful! You've actually given me some ideas for the mango and and watermelon on my kitchen counter :) Found you via the Aloha blog hop!

  8. Ohmigosh! Like Jenn said, you've given me some great ideas for summer foods here at home! Those dishes look amazing, and as you say, refreshing. We get hot here in South Mississippi, but no one has died from the heat in quite some while so I won't say I know what y'all are going through. I have a friend who will be visiting India in early fall, and she's hoping that it will be much cooler by the time she makes her anniversary trip.

    You have some incredible photos here. I'd love it if you joined us for Photo Friday each week.

  9. Do I have to choose? I want them all but now you have made me relaly hungry! Great shots.

  10. Everything looks so yummy! #AlohaFridayBlogHop

  11. I like that watermelon pizza. I wonder if my kids would eat it? Everything else looked amazing.

  12. Amazing photos... very impressive...

  13. Watermelon Gazpacho soup. would be very cooling.

  14. Lotsa eating. Good eats. The food were photographed wonderfully.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  15. looks like some very yummy food here, I feel hungry now :-)

  16. Everything looks delicious!
    Thanks for sharing at

  17. Hmmmm all that lovely food and wonderfully presented ;-)

  18. Amazing food photos! Now I am hungry!

  19. OK, I am hungry now. What a delicious collection of foods.

  20. Wonderful mouth watering summer food. The Pina Colada chicken sounds amazing :)

  21. Your post made me hungry! The Philippines has been scorching as well. Thanks for joining OMHG Wordless Wednesday!


  22. Amazing food photography. It all looks so delicious. Have a happy week!

  23. Oh that summer festival seems like the kind of festival that I would enjoy so very much...
    Great Pictures!

  24. Gorgeous photos! That chocolate brownie looks amazing! x

  25. So many delicious things for summer dining! The watermelon pizza sounds so refreshing and something I could make at home. Both hubby and I love coconut chicken! I am not a huge chocolate lover, but the mangos and cream look delicious! I hope that the temperatures cool down for you soon! Thanks so much for sharing with SYC.

  26. Hi Shiju, I forgot to mention that I'm sure it's not intentional, but I don't see Have a Daily Cup (Share Your Cup Thursday) listed in your link parties. : ( Need to have that to be featured.

  27. Wow! awesome food photography and i am already hungry..
    I loved the write up as well. Glad you had a chance..

    Came over here from the Wordless Wednesday linky -


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