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Karavalli turns 25 - a photo tour

I was invited to the 25th anniversary celebrations of the iconic Karavalli restaurant at The Taj Gateway Hotel, Bangalore. 
Here's a photo tour... 

Karavalli specializes in south western coastal delicacies of India. The cuisine of this region were largely confined to family kitchens until Karavalli endeavored to track down the authentic recipes to the place of origin. Karavalli has also been voted amongst The S. Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants.

Jasmine water to clean your hand. Jaggery & a glass of water to clean your palate and whet your appetite... 

The menu for the day included some Karavalli classics from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra...

I like their use of the word "Promised" instead of "Reserved"...

Pickles and chips...

I absolutely loved the starters. Tiger Prawns Roast - Tiger prawns tossed in a Kerala spice mix full of fresh flavors of tomato, ginger, coconut, lemon juice and traditional spices...

This is how it looks up close when served on a customary plantain leaf...

Pachakkai Varuthathu - Crisp fried raw banana, tossed in a tangy kerala spice mix...

Koli Barthad - chunks of chicken, pan-fried in a blend of roasted spices and the tart flavors of Coorg vinegar...

I ordered the Karavalli Tender cocktail which is a concoction of Dark Rum, Cinnamon Syrup and Tender Coconut water. It was just the right drink to go with the food...

While my co-diner ordered Karavalli Kariveppilai Sip - a concoction of white rum, lime juice, curry leaves, Black currant juice, ginger and roasted cummin...

Oggaraneda Aritha Pundi - Steamed rice dumplings, flavored with coconut and cumin...

As we were savoring the delicious starters, Chef Naren Thimmaiah narrated some very interesting kitchen stories from his 25 years experience at Karavalli... 

Kane Kaidina - Whole Lady fish, seasoned generously with finely ground Mangalorean spices...

Meen Eleittad - Black Pomfret, marinated in Malabar masala, wrapped in a banana leaf and pan fried to perfection...

For the main course, it was the fabulous Pachakkari Stew of seasonal vegetables gently simmered in creamy coconut milk...

Allapuzha Meen Curry - Seer fish, simmered in a moderately spiced gravy of ground coconut, ginger and raw mangoes...

Kozhi Malliperlan - Boneless pieces of chicken and vegetables, in tender gravy of coconut milk and fresh spices. This remains my favorite...

The main course is best enjoyed with Appam, Idiappam, Malabar Paratha or plain steamed rice. Appam is a type of pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. I was glad to see the live preparation of Egg Appam...

Idiappam is made from rice flour pressed into noodle form and then steamed...

Malabar Paratha is layered flat bread made from all purpose flour...

Attirachy Ularthu - This dish from Travancore, Kerala has lamb cubes, cooked with onion, tomato and fresh spices, including ginger, green chillies and fennel powder...

Maavinakai Mensukkai - This dish from Havyakas of the Mangalore region has chunks of brine-preserved mango cooked in a blend of chillies and coconut...

Patrode - A Maharashtrian dish made from colocasia leaves stuffed with rice flour and spice flavorings...

Rasam - A South Indian soup prepared using tamarind juice, tomato, chili pepper, pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings.

Urullakkizhangu Roast - Baby potatoes roasted with fennel, chilli, Malabar masala, and a blend of several spices...

No meal is complete without a dessert. Elaneer Payasam - Chilled tender coconut pudding, laced with jaggery. It was rich in coconut and cardamom flavors. Also seved was Bebinca, a Goan speciality of coconut based multi-layered cake and Vanillla icecream.

Banana Caramel Ice cream. To me, this definitely was the perfect end to a lovely meal...


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