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Yauatcha celebrates the Double Ten Day

The National Day of China referred as Double Ten Day commemorates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10, 1911, which led to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in China.

Yauatcha Bangalore, a Michelin-starred restaurant from London is celebrating the Double Ten Day in Bangalore with a special celebration menu...

I was invited to review the 'Double Ten' four-course menu.
Here's a photo tour...

Hot and sour soup with shredded chicken...

Chicken sweet corn soup...

Asian Green with Tofu...

Veg chive dumpling...

Fried turnip cake...

Shrimp Har Jau...

Chicken in black bean...

Chicken wrapped in pok choi...

Chicken peking dumpling...

Braised chicken with mushrooms in clay pot...

 French beans with shiitake mushroom...

  Egg fried rice...

 Hofan noodles...

Stir fried lamb...

Spicy lan ching chicken...

Szechuan vegetable and tofu claypot...


And some green, light and shadow from the garden...

Leaving you with the beautiful nail art of one of my co-diners...

For reservations call: 1800 266 1000


  1. Oh! my that food looks delicious :-)

  2. Wow, awesome shots! Those veg chive dumplings look amazing - save me some! ;)

  3. Looks delicious.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Whoa. Everything looks so oily and delicious :p I bet the claypot tasted good with the plain fried rice.

  5. All day I've been drinking electrolyte solution and not eating anything but bananas and I have to open your blog with these absolutely fabulous photos. Another spectacular internet meal of which I did not partake. Great shots, one and all.

  6. Ohh, unfortunatelly it's to far away for me, it looks so delicious!

  7. Thanks for sharing these & my mouth was watering as I looked at them! (our dinner is cooking right now, so I am quite hungry) :)

  8. wow! what amazing pictures. I am already hungry after my breakfast. Enjoy!
    Here was my post from yesterday's WW -


  9. Those nails are a hoot. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  10. I would love to try fried turnip cake

  11. well now i'm hungry! it all looks amazing. my husband's favorite is the chicken in black bean. a local place here doesn't have it on a menu but they are always so nice and make it special for him. love your friend's nails!

  12. Wow, what a menu! Love the picture with the green dumplings!

  13. The food looks delicious and those nails - pretty intense - cool!

  14. Had not known about double ten day...interesting post♪

  15. WOW! Everything looks so delectable -- I'm not surprised it has a Michelin star. In that regard, I can recommend the movie, The 100 Foot Journey.

  16. There is a real knack for taking photos of food and yours are excellent.

  17. I would love to taste every food you have here! Everything looks delicious! :>

  18. There are some interesting foods in these photos. I don't think I will try all of them though ;)

  19. Wonderfull recipes and presentation food, Have a nice day greeting from Belgium

  20. I am hungry and your nails are very celebratory.

  21. Very interesting history!
    The food looks amazing and I am very impressed by the nail art.

  22. This made my tummy rumble... and now I have nail art envy too


  23. The vegetarian dishes looked very appealing, but what really caught my eye was the last photo. That nail art is absolutely amazing!

  24. Oh my, this all looks so delicious! I love hot and sour soup and dumplings. Oh, I just love it all! The nail art is simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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