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Onam feast at Marriott Whitefield

Marriott at Whitefield is turning out to be an ultimate special-occasion place. It was a truly pampering experience on the occasion of Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. 

Here's a photo tour of the Onam feast at M-Cafe, Marriott, Whitefield...

Onam is marked by a variety of festivities and the most endearing feature is the OnaSadya, an elaborate feast...

A traditional welcome was accorded by the warm and friendly staff...

Here's the video of the same...

The flower carpet...

The Onam feast is served on fresh plantain leaves which includes rice, curries, other accompaniments and ends with payasam dessert... 

Vegetarian food is served...lots and lots...

There's Payar Thoran, stir fried beans mixed with grated coconut and spices...

The tender insides of Banana flowers make great ingredient for some special Kerala dishes...

Avial is mixed vegetables cooked in curd. This is a classic and comforting dish...

Ulli Thiyyal is pearl onions cooked with coconut paste, tamarind and spices...

My plantain leaf looked like this, when all the fare was served...

Red unpolished boiled rice is served. It has higher nutritional value...

M-Cafe has an impressive wine list. I ordered a  Chardonnay...

The wine from Domaine Hamelin was clear and light with a powerful finish. The slightly sweet and fruity flavor went really well with the food I was having... 

There were live cooking stations where other delicacies from Kerala were prepared. Steamed rice cakes called Puttu being prepared here...

Kerala Parotta, a layered flat bread being prepared...

Appam is a type of pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk...

Banana chips...

Tapioca chips...

Although the custom is to use only vegetables for the Sadya, Marriott includes some non-vegetarian dishes for those who really cannot do without some meat. Here's Erachi(lamb) curry...

Kozhi(chicken) curry...

For dessert there was Paal ada payasam - sweetened rice flake porridge which was creamy with a generous sprinkling of dry fruits...

Coconut laddus....

Many dishes were spot on and there were plenty of choices. The OnaSadya continues at Marriott Whitefield till this weekend. Do check it out if you are around...


  1. Wow the food looks amazing. Much of it very different from what I am use to eating so I'd be a bit aprehensive to try some of it but you never know until you do how it will taste.

  2. What a spread !
    Never seen Payasam in green colour.

  3. It sounds like a fabulous place and the photos are just beautiful. What a great welcome and delicious-looking food.

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    I'd never heard of this festival.
    I found you through Photo Friday and wanted to invite you to join our weekly photo linkup at image-in-ing:

  5. Must remember not to visit you when I'm already hungry...everything looks delicious. Kind of surprised they included non-veg dishes. Doesn't look as if they were really needed.

  6. I would love an experience like this. Eating off a plantain leave, looks beautiful and delicious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Yes, what an awesome experience that would be. I love the plantain leaves, I should use them at home.

    Bloggers Pit Stop

  8. It all looks so full of colour and flavour

  9. That looks like a great evening, what fab attention to detail! Love it, wish I could go.

  10. Such great colours and so much food #MySundayPhoto

  11. Oh my goodness, if I'd known this was on i would have run to Sheffield. It looks like an amazing food fest!

  12. I've just read it again and it's at Whitefield. I'm going to see if it's still on today!

    1. Sorry for the confusion. This Whitefield is in Bangalore, India.

  13. That food looks mouthwatering..... and yes, now I'm hungry too! Love the name of your blog by the way!!

  14. It looks all of delicious ... It's a fantastic feast.

  15. Yummiest spread I have ever seen. Great captures Shiju!

  16. What a nice welcome and taste experience. I would have been very comfortable there with a glass of wine :)

  17. The food looks great. I haven't been to Kerala but the food may draw me there.

  18. Yummmmy. Looks delicious and beautiful at the same time! #image-in-ing

  19. What a lovely space ! You are making me hungry! Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is gorgeous and looks delicious! Good for you that you get to attend such great events!

  21. That food looks so amazing! I love the detail in all the outfits too.

    1. My post is up here: http://www.anapeladay.com/2016/09/ww-popcorn-and-bees-linky.html

  22. Now I'm jealous... Great photos ;)


  23. Awww lovely interior and yummy looking food! Thanks for linking up too =)

  24. Shiju, I saw a bit of empty space on your banana leaf....that's not like you. All looks most delicious...& I'm glad you enjoyed yoyr chardonnay.


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