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A short lunch at Café INXS

An unplanned visit to Café INXS for a short lunch turned out to be fun and informative. Here's a photo tour...

If you are intrigued by the anti-aging anti-obesity sign board in the picture, then let me shed some light. The INXS clinique is run by Dr Sangeetha Patel and her husband Dr Keerthi Patel. The Doctor couple have been working magic for years with a clientele that include many movie celebrities and super models. They carry out some amazing medical procedures and therapies that correct the "physical imperfections". Almost like real life Photoshop!

The cheerful Dr Sangeetha told me about her penchant for travel. The couple started Café INXS to introduce the food they liked from their various travel experiences around the world... 

The interior is neat and comfortable...

Watermelon cooler...

 I usually order Dim sums because they look so beautiful. These minced chicken and aromatic vegetable dumplings were light and delicious...

Fish & Chips were good...

Fish & chips from another angle...

They also serve some good Indian wine. I sipped the SDU Deva Chardonnay...

A good deal for ladies. Unlimited wines!

Pollo Spaghetti Alfredo - classic cream sauce with Italian noodles and strips of cooked chicken...

Fresh Orange... 

Pollo Pesto Di Basilica & Penne - chicken and basil pesto sauce. This was my favorite of the day. The herbs really did a great job...

Overall, I am impressed by the variety of food that's on offer. The chefs are able to handle the international cuisine, quite well. The wait staff is friendly. 
Leaving you with the lovely smile of the pretty doctor...


  1. Wow everything there looks good. I like most any kind of food. Cannot eat to spicy. A wonderful idea to join those two modalities for good health.

  2. A very unique and interesting place to enjoy a great meal.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Shiju. As usual, you make everything come alive with your pictures. Now I am craving for such pasta.

  4. Looks all very delicious! So hungry now :D
    Thank you for linking in with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Everything looks wonderful!
    Thanks so much for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/05/getting-ready-to-play.html

  6. I like the look of those dumplings, and the fish and chips. How good is ladies night?!!!!

  7. Love the pops of red! Thanks for sharing! Teresa

  8. The food looks wonderful. Makes my mouth water looking at the pictures.

  9. The photos show delicious looking food and a nice ambiance. I am linking to wordlesswednesday too.

  10. Elegant. The food looks delicious.

  11. The food looks great ...real food, not exactly diet fare.not what I would have expected from a health spa type of place!

  12. That meal looks delicious.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. She is a pretty Dr., and I'm sure very smart too! The penne and fish look delicious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Wow sounds like my kind of restaurant. I love asian, spicy, dimsum, in fact I love all food lol I see food I eat it! Thanks for sharing at the Blogger's Pit Stop!

    Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew


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