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Mumbai's street food in Bangalore

This season, Barbeque Nation brings Mumbai's famous street food to Bangalore with the 'Magic of MA Road'. I was invited to the Lido Mall outlet of Barbeque Nation and here's a photo tour...

MA Road is known for its lip-smacking Iftaar street food...

The highlights of the festival are the live-counters and rehri-carts...

Mumbai's MA Road street food is quite different from Mughlai food found in other parts of India. Their version essentially is adapted from the various immigrant population that throng the commercial capital of India. Thus the food is a delightful combination of different styles, tastes and ingredients. 

From the tava, I tried the Keema Parantha, flaky bread with spicy minced meat filling. It remains my favorite from the fare...

The smokey Mutton sheekh kabab with its unique flavors is best had with pav...

Aam Panna made with raw mangoes was a refreshing drink...

Tandoori Bater Mussallam - quail cooked in an oven...

Barbeque Nation is a pioneer in India to promote ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill in India...

Grilled pineapple was fantastic...

The tender chicken drum sticks tasted great on their own and was gobbled down fast...


Raan e Gosht was another delicacy from MA Road on offer. The awesome thing about Raan is that it is made from the tough hind legs of lamb, but it is so tender when done that the meat simply melts in your mouth...

For the main course there was Zam Zam Pulao -  a chicken and rice dish, Mutton Khichda - meaty stew with lentils, Kanta Kali - a fish curry and Nalli Nihari gosht had with Naan bread....

Dessert was custom made as per my instructions. Malai Kulfi and Falooda topped with Basil seeds and pistachio...


INR 1600 for a meal for two is definitely a bargain considering you don't have to fly to Mumbai's MA road. Overall a delish experience. The festival is there till November 15, 2015 in all Barbeque Nation outlets in Bangalore.


  1. Droolsome captures! Will have to fly to Bengaluru for this!! :(

  2. It all looks and sounds very tasty! Great job covering the festival!
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Now you have made me hungry. Your food photos are great.

  4. I bet the smells are mouth-watering, as are your photos!
    Please come link up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/11/waiting-for-metro.html

  5. Always eager to take a look at your food pictures! Hope you tried some of that food.

  6. Looks delicious, especially love that quail.

  7. wow, awesome looking food! Now I am hungry! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Fantastic! These food pictures make me hungry...

  9. Not fair you are making me hungry! Have a fanastic week!

  10. amazing blog,
    the memes from your blog sidebar give us lots of smiles.

  11. Delish shots! You always make me hungry. Have mercy... ;)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  12. Oh, this made me so hungry! I want to taste all of it!

  13. This is making me so hungry! All that food looks delicious, and you've captured it really well. What a foodie paradise!

  14. This look like a fabulous foodie treat


  15. Wow! what pictures! /I am drooling after dinner :P

  16. street food is usally the best! I love looking at all those authentic food. Happy WW..

  17. Great photos. Street food is something everyone in my area seems to want but the local authorities can't seem to agree on how to have it done.

  18. Wow, that is some fantastic looking food. I hope no one got sick eating off the street--you just never know. :)

  19. Always enjoy seeing the fabulous places that you get to go and review. Always some unique and yummy looking food! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. As always such amazing photos! I just had dinner but I can feel myself getting hungry again just looking at your photos. Awesome job!

    Thank you for joining us again for Photo Friday!

  21. All those dishes look so good and so full of flavour! Amazing!

  22. Yummy is all I can say! I've always wanted to eat at Barbeque Nation but have never made it yet. I did go to Global Fusion for my birthday celebration, however. It was really terrific. I filled up on the delectable appetizers and hardly had room left for the main courses.

  23. Loved your blog.
    I only knew MA Road is known for its lip-smacking Iftaar street food.

    Thanks for mentioning other points. Very helpful.


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