White Elephant comes home

With the opening of so many new Thai restaurants, I can safely say that Thai cuisine is fast becoming one of Bangalore's favorite food. I was at White Elephant to review their menu over the last weekend.

It's got a great ambiance with lots of space and some delightful curios like the elephant door handle.

Starters include Kai Hor Bai Taey (Chicken wrapped in Pandanus leaves), Pla Yang (Spicy skewered grilled fish), Khao Pod Tod Nam Prik Pow (crispy fried babycorn in rice tartlets), Manfrang Tod Samros (crispy fried potatoes tossed with tri-flavored sauce) and Choop Bong Thod (crispy fried vegetable). I was smitten with the kick of chilli in all the starters. The spice level is slightly higher than other Thai restaurants I have been to. They went well with the Watermelon flavored Margarita.

For the main course, Jasmine rice and noodles were to be had with traditional Thai green curry with prawns (Kaeng Keow Whan) and Thai red curry with chicken (Kaeng Ped). The curries were rich with coconut milk and had some strong but balanced flavors.

To cool down the palates, there are some awesome desserts like deep fried banana, pumpkin custard with coconut ice cream and ice cream with seasonal flavor of Jackfruit.

The surprise highlight of the evening was the magic show at our table by Rakesh Syam. His close-up illusions were brilliant.

I should say that this dining experience was certainly a great composition of spice, flavors, presentation and entertainment.

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  1. Thai food has become one of our favorite plates as well...always like its fresh and tangy zist on it..Looks like you have a great dining experience...

  2. Cool door handle. I like the sound of the crispy fried vegetables :)

  3. Tried Thai food for the first time last week...enjoyed it♪


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