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Getting cocky with my blog title

This week, the theme for Friday My Town Shoot Out is Graffiti. I couldn't find any graffiti, so I made my own using an old photograph and Photoshop.

Cranium Bolts is my blog title which I had pulled out quickly while signing up on Blogger.com and I have stuck with it ever since.

It has a habit of confusing people. It has never made any sense to me either and still doesn't.

I guess, I should get cocky with it and overcome the buyer's remorse.


  1. This brought a huge smile to my face. Oddly enough, Cranium Bolts has always made perfect sense to me. I visualize it as sparks of creativity running through your brain.

  2. I am like you, I don't live near graffiti.

  3. Funny - I picked my title in the same fashion: something quick, not especially well thought out. (and not nearly as in-vogue-quirky like yours)

    Creative thinking on adding your own graffiti - guess you could have headed out with some spray cans and painted the town (so to speak) - but I'm guessing this was much safer and achieved the same purpose.

  4. I love your graffiti. I thought it was real at first glance. gotta love photoshop. I am just taking my first class in it now.

  5. I have to admit I had no visitors and finally realized I had not even visited others or even linked up. I am finding so very creative ideas today. Great

  6. I love it -- I actually want to make my own graffiti now!
    Have a greta week!

  7. How refreshing not to be able to find any graffiti. In my travels about the world, including my own San Francisco, I find it a sad commentary everywhere. I was really dismayed to see it, even in Rome, defacing the lovely monuments and historic buildings.

    Your blog title is quite suitable. You are a bit cocky - wonderful but cocky.

    I leave for India in less than three weeks now.

  8. it's a memorable name. pretty good 'shopping.


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