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Alphabe-Thursday - M for Mermaid


  1. Is that a pendant? If so, this is a wonderful macro photo!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Lovely M post.

  3. Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Whatever that piece is, it is lovely. It looks so nautical and would be a nice gift for a cruiser or someone with a sailboat. You photographed it so beautifully.

  5. Beautiful! I love the way the light reflects off of the anchor.

  6. Beautiful! Makes me think of the little mermaid by the water in Copenhagen.

  7. What a cool, cool picture!

    I love the way you get that background with your close-ups. I think that's called bokah or something, right?

    You are really a master.

    It is always fun stopping by to see what you've done.

    Thank you for linking.



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