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Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins, or chocolate money, are gold foil covered chocolates in the shape of coins. They are traditionally given to children as a Christian tradition at Christmas time and Saint Nicholas Day and in Jewish tradition during Hanukkah...

As a Christmas tradition, the chocolate coin giving was thought to be started by the deeds of Saint Nicholas. He was the bishop of Myra in Lycia, which is now considered Turkey. Although there isn’t any written documentation, many legends speak of his kindness to children. He was said to be an incredibly shy person and wanted to give money to the poor children of Myra without them knowing about it. One night he climbed on a roof and threw a purse of money down a chimney, which landed in a pair of stockings that a little girl had hung up to dry. Every year Saint Nicholas would keep giving coins or money to the children of Myra.


  1. Loved the coins when I was a child...still do actually.

  2. Love this photo! And it is always interesting to learn more about different Christmas-traditions all around the world :)

  3. I loved getting these as a child. Nicely done with the photo, chocolate and shiny don't always transition well.

  4. I haven't seen these in years. What fond memories!

  5. i've always liked those but didn't know they represented anything, thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing this story.

  7. Fun story. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. On Hannukah we call them "gelt" Yiddish for gold… it is an old tradition my grown children (and husband) still enjoy. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  9. These chocolate coins are always so fun! I really enjoyed the story. I have also used them for St. Patrick's Day. As the gold at the end of the rainbow. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Great story and great photo--actually made me want to eat those waxy nasty chocolate coins.


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