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Sukhoi Su-30MKI

The Sukhoi Su-30MKI is an air superiority fighter jet jointly developed by Russia and India for the Indian Air Force.


  1. What a beauty! My husband loves to go to air shows. We haven't ever seen one like this.

  2. My breath is taken away when a jet zooms over-head. Such a great picture too!

  3. You took a great picture of the jet in flight! Was this taken at an air show where jets sometimes fly at low altitudes?

  4. Great shot....

    Thrilling to see in person, I'm sure.

  5. What an awesome picture of the jet!

  6. That is an amazing photograph! I just love the strong color contrast between the sky and the jet! Amazing!

  7. Holy cats! What amazing technicolor in this photo.

    Your skills are really quite something.

    I always enjoy visiting you to see what you have the share each week.

    Thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.


  8. You've done it again! You have managed to capture the perfect shot!!!

  9. Shiju, that would thrill any little boy, it is such a magnificent picture! You captured the perfect shot of it, framed by the blue sky. It is a fiece looking airplane.

  10. What a great picture! I love how the jet just pops against the blue sky!

  11. Great looking plane and great picture of it.


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