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Weekend trip to Yercaud

Last Friday, wife and I suddenly decided on an impromptu road trip to spend the weekend unwinding and relaxing in a random place near Bangalore. Saturday early morning, we were heading towards Salem on our way to Yercaud hill station. 
Here's a photo tour of the weekend that was spent sleeping, eating, taking walks in the coffee plantations, bird watching and absorbing the beautiful atmosphere of Yercaud...

It was a pleasant drive of 5 hours. The breathtaking scenery caused major distractions from the road once we started the ascend from the foot hills of Shevaroys range... 

The hairpin bends were not very steep, but the two-way roads uphill were narrow and demands extreme caution...

There were 20 hairpin bends...

Hitchhiking pose...

After about 30 minutes of winding road, we reached Yercaud...

Yercaud is situated at an altitude of 4970 ft above sea level. Its name is derived from the lake located at its center – in Tamil Yeri means lake and Kaadu means forest, signifying the forest surrounding the lake. 

After checking into a hotel and getting sufficient sleep, we ventured out to look around. The Gulmohar trees were in full bloom...

Tourists were thronging the lake side for boating. We  skipped boating and instead decided to take a stroll in the woods near the lake...

Soon we spotted a Jungle Myna of South Indian race in action...

Jungle Myna of South Indian race sports beautiful blue iris...

Jungle Myna with its catch...

Rain lilies...

Coffee blooms with its lovely fragrance were in abundance...

Coffee fruit...

A fortune teller with his caged parrot caught our interest...

Reading the lines on her palm...

His trained parrot picks a tarot card...

And hands it to the astrologer who based on the image tells the fortune...

Astrologer predicted all good things which made her really happy... 

The astrologer seemed to know women's psychology well. Even the wet-blanket predictions were received with joy...

Corn cob at one of the street food stalls near the lake...

A hawker was selling bubble maker. I quickly caught the reflection of the lake in one of the bubbles...

Pagoda point at the eastern side of Yercaud is an interesting view point adorned with stone pagodas...

Aerial view of a small village from the Pagoda point...

The place was very scenic...


Lady's Seat is another interesting view point...

A lady and her child at Lady's seat...

We walked to Gent's Seat view point from Lady's Seat. On the way we saw the gorgeous Red-whiskered Bulbul...  

Tridax daisy...

Interesting sculpture of a pregnant goddess wielding a knife on a temple facade depicting the protective nature of motherhood...

It turned out happily that our randomly picked destination was unbelievably pristine and allowed us to carry back some unforgettable memories...

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  1. Seems like you had a memorable trip, nice pictures.

  2. You have captured the beauty of Yercaud wonderfully!

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your weekend excursion!

  4. Very nice. Great photos what a beautiful trip.

  5. So beautiful photos.Loved the post.

  6. This is a trip I would enjoy taking. Although, I wouldn't like to drive those hair pin turns! I would have stopped at the fortune teller as well. Such a beautiful series of photographs. Thank you for linking up and I hope to see you back again next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Beautiful photos! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Your lovely photos made that a wonderful trip. I would not like those curvy roads. I love the sign on the rock. Great Bird pics also.

    Blogger's Pit Stop

  9. Amazing photos and a life-changing view for me in that so much of this seems familiar even though I've never been to India. I even imagine I could feel at home there very quickly. (I live in England.) Thanks to 'Weekend Reflections' I have found your blog.

    1. I am so glad you liked your first visit to my blog. I'm eagerly waiting for your next visit here and hopefully, in the near future you can make it to India too.

  10. And what a road trip it was! Beautiful scenic views, great critters/birds, and lovely portraits.

    I'm here from Eileen's Saturday Critters today, visiting you. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What an amazing journey, story, and photos, all very interesting.
    All the best, Gordon.

  12. Shalom! Beautiful nature and people. Thanks for the tour.

  13. Those hair pin bends look terrifying, but beautiful scenery

  14. Back to visit with you again...Before I leave, I'd like to send along my thanks for sharing this with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend!! Have a glorious week ahead.

    Ps...I think that one of your wife [where she has the pink flowers] should be enlarged and framed.

  15. What amazing photos! What fun to have your future told by a parrot.
    I have only been to Chennai but I must check out Bangalore soon.

  16. Such a very beautiful place to wander. great variety of scenes and macros. And especially loved the macro of the lake reflections in the bubble.

  17. What a Nummer of phantastic photos of a beautiful landscape! I like the macros and the pictures of the palm reading are amazing.

  18. I enjoyed this Post. So much to see. Lovely nature, fantastic captures!

  19. Wow, what a little journey you had! Beautiful views!

  20. Love how you've captured the lake in the bubble reflection. What a lovely weekend x

  21. What a great photo tour! I loved the scenery, the birds, the monkey and the lovely blooms.

  22. Nice shots from a part of the world I don't see often on my screen. Thanks for showing us.

  23. So peaceful indeed! I love all the flowers..and the astrologer :). Cheers from NYC

  24. This is a beautiful collection of photos! Looks like a great trip!

  25. What a wonderful weekend! You captured so many stunning scenes. I can't decide if my favorite is the bubble reflection or Gulmohar tree bokeh.

  26. Lovely captures. Yercaud is a great place for photography.

  27. What an amazing place! And you've a wonderful collection of photographs to help remember it.I love your pictures of the Jungle Myna and the bubble especially!

  28. Pics are awesome & very eye soothing. Being in Chennai- heard of Yercaud so many times- but yet to visit this place. Thanks for putting up the etymology of how Yercaud derived its name-never thought of it as Yeri+ Kaadu

  29. Beautiful photos .. reminded me of my India Days..love that mom n me monkey photo��.

  30. Très belle série ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  31. This is a wonderful post especially from someone like me who has not been to your country. What to me looks like an exotic wonderland of mountains, water, plant life and wildlife and your wife is lovely. It is so nice to get to see what a bloggers look like...Thank you for linking in....Michelle

  32. Absolutely a wonderful way to end my day here as I gaze out at the Pacific Ocean from my nursing home window. Your pictures always are so spectacular and warm my heart... I must get back to visit you and I wish I could see this incredible place. I've never been to any of the Hill stations and it seems this is a part of India I shouldn't miss.

  33. I love the fact that you took time out to just enjoy spending time together. Your wife is beautiful!

  34. So many gorgeous photos. The hitchhiking photo is adorable.

  35. Hello, what a lovely outing. The scenery and birds are beautiful, your wife is pretty. I am sorry to be so late visiting your post and commenting. I appreciate you linking up your post. Happy Sunday! Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  36. Hi Shiju,
    I was looking for images of a parrot and tarot cards on google and found your blog. Really liked the photos you have clicked! Would you be ok if I used the pic with the parrot and the cards in a presentation that I will be giving in a small conference? This is non-commercial use and I will give you due credits on the slide itself of course! Please let me know if you are OK with this.


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