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Cranium Bolts has been adjudged as one of "Top 15 Socially Active Photography Blogs In India" by Baggout.com 


Here are their kind words:

The blogger loves to capture the pictures of the nature be it plants, flowers, birds and animals the blogger beautifully captures them through his lens. Not just nature he also reviews the food of a lot of hotels and their services too, he also reviews spas and hotels. The pictures of the food which are displayed on the blog are absolutely amazing and mouth watering too. He reviews the best wines in town and clicks too this gives you the idea of which one to buy for yourself. The blogger captured the moments of the world health day 2015 organized by the WHO. The blog has 232 facebook likes, 140 shares, 2 posts last week. It has 50 twitter followers which sums up the total social score to be 644 and gives the blog 12th position in the category.  

Check out his Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.

Cranium Bolts


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