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World Health Day 2015

As part of the World Health Day 2015, WHO Country Office for India organized a regional consultation in collaboration with the Department of Community Medicine, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College making a strong call for promoting food safety, the theme of this year’s World Health Day...

The consultation brought together stakeholders, from farm to plate, to discuss integration of ‘food safety’ into the broader food policy agenda and informing producers and consumers about the vital importance of safe food, and its impact on public health...
Dr Shalini C Nooyi,Prof&HOD, Community Medicine MSRMC

In his address, Mr P. S. Vastrad, IAS, Commissioner (HFW), Government of Karnataka highlighted the importance of preventive measures to ensure good health. He elaborated how fertilisers, use of preservatives to aid transportation of food grains over long distance and chemical treatment make farm produce contaminated and adulterated. He also reiterated the importance of inculcating healthy eating habits...
Mr PS Vastrad, IAS, Commissioner (Health and Family Welfare) Government of Karnataka
Addressing issues related to food safety and food control systems, the consultation saw active deliberations on the need for multi-sectoral collaboration from food production to consumption and cooperation from all sectors for compliance of food standards...
Dr Asish Satapathy, RTL-South-WHO
Dr DV Guruprasad, Chief Executive, Gokula Education Foundation (Medical)

Acknowledging the need to further improve the food safety systems, the forum extensively deliberated on the issues of production, regulations, nutrition, unhealthy food, consumer awareness, animal-human interface of food-borne diseases and strengthening surveillance of these diseases in India.
Mr Nameet, First Agro
The consultation strongly advocated that the governments must partner with civil society, NGOs, private sector and consumers, to ensure that safe food becomes everybody’s business. Perspectives on‘Serving Safe Food’ were presented by a chef Vibhuti Bane from a leading hotel and M.S. Ramaiah Hotel Management Institute, emphasising the importance of safe food...
Chef Vibhuti Bane, G. K. Corporation

Dr N Nayantara Patil, Health Officer, (BBMP)
Lively discussion and great insights were provided by all for the topic...

And here are the FIVE KEYS to safer food and better health...


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