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An afternoon with wine, friends, grills, pasta... need I say more? Here's the picture story...

The Live cookout with Webber grills was hosted by Four Seasons wine...

At the Hyatt, Bangalore...

The event kicked off by sipping Four Seasons wine and mingling with the event attendees ...

A brief from Executive Chef, Gautam... 

We got to don the chef's hat...

(left to right) Me, Vidya Lakshmi, Hina Gujral, Indrani Ghose
With the recipe in hand we were set for the cookout... 

Glad that I got two expert food bloggers in my team...

We were guided by the expert chefs from Hyatt...

Grill in action...

Almost done...

At this stage it is hard to resist...

Here's the Jamaican Rub Chicken my team prepared. It tasted heaven...

This was the second dish of the day. Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini - pasta stuffed with Spinach and cheese in white sauce...

And finally ready to eat...

Some more photos...


About Four Seasons
Enjoying a glass of wine is like holding a story by the stem. Theme, character, composition – critical elements of a story, all find expression in India’s most awarded range of wines - Four Seasons.  The award-winning range of wines have been crafted with the technical expertise of Bouvet-Ladubay, France and perfectly complement different styles of cuisines.

The varietal range available in three reds, three whites and a rose, has been styled to suit the diversity of the Indian palate. Hence, one will find the wines fairly fruit forward, with a good balance.  The premium range of Four Seasons  Barrique Reserve Collection, available in two popular varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, are made in limited batches and undergo a nine-month maturation in new French oak barrels that lends these wines a subtle complexity, an enigmatic bouquet, a velvety texture and a lingering finish – truly living up to their reserve designation.

Enjoy the experience of unravelling, sip by exquisite sip, the heart, body and soul of this unique Indian wine story – Four Seasons.

About Webber
US based, Weber® is the world’s leading manufacturer of charcoal grills, gas grills and grilling accessories. Weber is about delicious barbecue food and fun, entertaining times with friends and family. Weber® organizes interactive cookout sessions and grilling demos in India for anyone who would like to learn more about grilling. Weber® grill brand products are sold throughout India. For information on Weber®, grilling tips and delicious Weber® recipes visit – Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weberbbqindia / Website: www.weberindia.com / Customer Care toll free number 1800.102.3102.

About Hyatt Bangalore MG Road
Hyatt Bangalore MG Road is not only the first Hyatt hotel in Bangalore, it is also the only international hotel brand in the city’s Central Business District at this time. Ensconced in a green oasis in the heart of the city, it is an intimate and lush haven for the business traveller.  Modern d├ęcor, award-winning restaurants, and enthusiastic service ensure a welcoming stay for our guests.

Find them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HyattBangaloreMGRoad

For more information on Four Seasons visit: www.fourseasonsvineyards.com 
Follow Four Seasons on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FourSeasonsWines


  1. Nice photos. Dishes looks delicious :)

  2. Nice photos. Dishes looks delicious :)

  3. Wow ! They look finger licking delicious !!! Great snaps.

  4. Awwww....I can see my pictures....lovely meeting you

  5. What a yummy story...and quality of your shots is pleasure for my eyes!

    my blog is here:

  6. Wow, everything looks delicious! From start to finish, YUM!

  7. Good ones. Indeed a fun experience.

  8. That looks like quite the feast. What is in the ashtray in the second photo?

  9. What a fun time, making me hungry at 6 am. Enjoy!!

  10. It looks like you have had quite a bit of fun cooking delicious food.

  11. That just made me feel hungry, the food looked really scrummy

  12. These shots look awesome and the food on my goodness... I'm so hungry just about now!!!
    Have a lovely week!

  13. nice looking bread basket. love the golden glow of lighting.

  14. Well, you've made me hungry! I'm trying not to look too long at the bread!

  15. Your pictures are great! Everything looks so tasty, and you can definitely tell you had a great time. :)

  16. Nice photos of deliciousness! I just love this kind of experiences!
    Keep up the good work and take a peek at my blog. You should look for "Food and Drink" label. ;)

  17. WoW! Lucky you. fantastic Pics! as usual

  18. :) I'm hungry, now! Everything looks yummy!

  19. «Louis» would very much enjoy an event like this! He likes to cook!

    «Louis» thanks you for linking at his Wordless Wednesday post. :-)

  20. Such a feast of foods.. :)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here .

  21. Luckily, I had dinner before I viewed your blog. Each dish looks delicious!
    JM Illinois

  22. those photos make me hungry! great shot :D...cheers from Indonesia...

  23. Looks like a great grilling event. Such delicious food too.

  24. That looks like it would be a lot of fun! Nice to see you on the other side of the camera.

  25. I love to cook too! This is inspirational !!

  26. What an extraordinary feast!! Thanks for documenting and sharing [too bad we don't get a taste].

  27. Oh yum yum yum! And yum yum yum! :)

  28. I loved this article, Shiju. You are really quite the foodie. My favorite line, though, was "enjoying a glass of wine is like holding a story by the stem"...I second that. I have definitely been making the most of my time back in northern CA. Staying with my son, Alex, and his wife, and babysitting but they are in the Sacramento areas with several wineries within 15 miles - they, in fact, got married at a winery. Decent wines, at affordable prices, are even available at supermarkets. That is one thing I always miss in India so I am going to indulge while I'm home.


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