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Blue Elephant

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  1. :D When I saw the blog update on my sidebar, I thought Blue? and lol this is what I get. :D But it's cute.

  2. So cute and little !!! Nice background !

  3. I normally see pink elephants, not blue ones...of course, I am joking.

  4. Dear Sugunan,

    Your blue elephant picture is the same one like my baby's blue elephant toy, sadly last nite she lost it. Today i already used up my morning to look for it in the internet searching wherelse can i buy it.
    Please help.
    I will be very grateful if you tell me where you got the blue elephant so that i can buy the replacement toy to my baby. She even named it as "Met"!!
    This morning she woke up and asked me, "Mama, wheres my Met?" and i was speechless...
    Appreciate any of your reply... here or to my mail, nu2only@yahoo.com


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