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Time-lapse at Sunset

My first short experimental time-lapse sunset. Camera is synchronized with the sun.


  1. You made multiple clicks to make this GIF?? or any inbuilt camera setting?

  2. @Manish Moothedath I took 10 pictures with a delay of 30 seconds. Then used Adobe ImageReady to create the animated GIF image.

  3. WOW!! So realistic :) I don think we can see the sunset more clear :) Thank you!

  4. Such creativity, Shiju...and it's all I can do to push an on-off button. There is no hope for me, my friend, though, I think I have properly signed up for skype, thanks to the advice of my Bangalore guru.

  5. Wow - what a marvellous treat you've given us. Just gorgeous!

  6. That is simply awesome.!!!!! great work!!!

  7. put a Drishti Dot to sun man! :) superb!!!

  8. Hi
    bellissima foto con effetto !
    Happy new days.
    Happy new dreams.
    Happy New Year 2012 :))


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