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Wordless Wednesday - Spoon Bill


  1. that is one huge bird! dramatic capture, i like how its kinda hidden. ne follower from WW.

  2. WOW, how did you get so close? Mine is up as well at AussiePomm: - Australian Native Flowers.

    Have a great WW!!

  3. Nice photo, almost looks like a painting.

  4. This is a must see when I finally get to India for my second visit. What a beautiful bird.

  5. what a beautiful bird..I have birds too but I made up for quality in quanity.

  6. so many beautiful birds in WW this week!

    Happy WW!

  7. very nice pic !
    how near / far were you from the bird ? and what kind of camera do you use ?

    I'm an avid photographer - nothing professional but just enjoy being able to capture moments :)

    Have a great Wednesday and do take a min to stop by my blog :)


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