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This monkey seems to be suffering from Progeria. Amitabh Bachchan’s character Auro in his latest film Paa suffers from the rare disease in which a child ages rapidly.


  1. Great shot. Such clarity.

    I haven't seen this Amitabh film though, thanks to Netflix, I do get a large number of Indian videos. I am a great fan of them -and all things Indian. It is nice viewing them at home since, if I miss something on the subtitles, I can rewind and see it again. I visited India in 1997 and stayed with a crew friend from Royal Caribbean. I have sailed 76 times with that company in less than 15 years and have a great number of Indian friends - in fact, they call me the American mother of the Indian crew. I'll get a phone call, "Hello, Mother India!" Talk about sad movies...that was a tear jerker.

  2. @Carmen Thanks for visiting. The Amitabh movie 'Paa' is not yet released. Nice to know about your interest in Indian movies. I too am a sucker for movies.


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