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  1. lovely pics of someone with my name :)

  2. Hi Shiju,

    I’m lucky to have stumbled upon your blog! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Rahul and i’m one of the people behind the movement to ‘Bring the BQC Back’. You can see the entire movement here –

    We started off about 2 months ago and we’ve been floored by the kind of response we’ve gotten with almost a 100,000 people wanting BQC Back. It started off as something simple – an experiment of sorts. We love quizzing and just wanted to see how many people do as well so we started this page out.

    We would love for you to write an article for us on our movement!
    We will link the same with our facebook page.
    Do get back to us on


    Let’s Bring BQC back!


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